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Pony Off-Topic / Re: Changelings
Last post by Master Masher - Yesterday at 19:10:33
Well it seems changelings are bug-like so must have outside skeleton so thatexplains chrysalis being able to turn her neck 180 degrees in To Where and Back Again.
(That part creeped me out i don't about you but it did for me) i haven't found anything creepier than that even in real life. :I
Pony Off-Topic / Re: What pony race are you?
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 18:39:32
If I had to choose an intelligent creature, it would be a hippogriff / seapony. Best of both worlds, though I would prefer the seapony life.

If I could be a non-speaking creature, then it would be either a fruit bat, or a Cipactli.
Spoiler: show
Pony Off-Topic / Re: Hardest word in equestria.
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 18:29:52
The hardest word for me is, shipping. And handling.
In Equestria? Remembering what those
Spoiler: show
 mute, fire unicorns
are called.
Pony Off-Topic / Re: How did you become a brony...
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 18:26:04
I started watching "Army Bronies React" to episodes of my little pony. Then I moved on to YouTube channels that reviewed episodes of my little pony, and that was before I started watching the episodes. I finally got into being a brony just before I married my husband, who is also a brony. I haven't given up on it since. There's even a Discord channel that I frequent pretty often, though only to get the leaked episodes. As much as I enjoy talking with bronies, there tends to be a pretty heavy focus on which character is being "shipped" with whom. For me, if it isn't canon, then it kind of makes conversations a bit difficult to have. So for the most part, I'll be randomly posting and then disappearing again for a short time.
Off-Topic / Re: Emotes - Love 'em or hate ...
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 18:20:26
I could say that I don't like emotes at all, but then I would get an idea to preface each of my long roleplay posts with the corresponding emotion. Or at the end of a short reply I might add a Twilight or Rarity, and that's just because I like those ponies. So for the most part, I tend to be pretty partial.  ^-^
Video Games / Re: What are you currently pla...
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 18:02:06
I'm playing the original Zelda on my Switch, which did not age well at all. It may be the fact that I don't have an over-world map, if such a thing is available. Having one to reference makes the game a lot more fun than getting lost in more than the lost woods. ESO also has my attention and I come back to it whenever I want to spend a full day of quest marching. Besides those, I have Rocket League and Splatoon 2. Or some Fallout Vault if I want something quick to do.
Video Games / Re: Anybody who uses Switch?
Last post by PoserPanda - Yesterday at 17:58:45
I play a good bit of both Splatoon 2 and Rocket League, so if you want to play together sometime, then here's my friend code. 4350-2663-5236 .
Video / Re: Life In Ponydale
Last post by Bubbleton - Yesterday at 16:51:40
As you can see I usually don't post on the forum but now I just have to.
I have listened to both episodes and must say that was amazing  :D
I hope you do get much input from the community, the random shenanigans about Jet was a nice touch  :P
A few impressions from the Running of the Leaves 2018.

Ponies gathered at the Graveyard and got ready to gallop through the Heartlands, the might of their combined hooves shaking the last leaves off the trees, in preparation for autumn.

The Running of the Leaves ended at the Pumpkin farm, where a lot of ponies collapsed into an exhausted pony pile for a bit, before celebrating the beginning of autumn with refreshments, pumpkin pie and (of course) stacking...

Everypony, even the legendary Rock Hoof gathered around to hear Pink Pony's story.

Then more stacking...

And two cute critters on a bench, enjoying the evening together.  ^-^

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