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Hehe, I did think it was kinda cool that Summerween fell on my birthday. :)  I just had other plans already scheduled, so I couldn't stay home and spend time on LoE.  But yeah, hopefully I can keep a bit of time freed up next year ;)
Thread Games / Re: king of the hill
Last post by Nightshade Star - Yesterday at 16:46:11
I throw u off the hill into some deep abyss. IT MINE.
Thread Games / Re: Fillies vs Colts Reactivat...
Last post by nyghtlyterror - Yesterday at 13:07:05
Thread Games / Re: king of the hill
Last post by nyghtlyterror - Yesterday at 13:04:12
i toss you into lava. MINE.
Aww, I am sorry you missed it. Hope you can make it next time.  ^-^

Having your birthday on June 22nd, which is the official date for Summerween, is pretty neat tho!  ^-^

And THANK YOU to everypony who has posted screenshots (here or in their threads) so far!  ^-^  <3
It is difficult to play when you are being haunted by application startup errors. After making sure that the error does not change, I bring you what appears in the case of the launch of the x32 version of the game - The instruction at 0x7782000a addressed memory at 0x77822008 the memory can not be written.

P.S Help me finally understand what's wrong with me?
I unfortunately couldn't attend because the festivities just so happened to fall on my birthday this year, but I'm glad it turned out well.  I like the idea of another spooky celebration, since I do quite enjoy the Halloween season.  If you decide to do this again next year hopefully I'll be able to stop by haha
If there is a bug needed to be reported, the best and fastest way to notify the team is to report it on our phabricator, as noted in this thread.  The team looks through and assigns bugs which streamlines our process.  Thank you.
Last night we celebrated Summerween! Hosted by Pumpkin Glow, everyone took on a bunch of riddles, enemies and spooky happenings in the Heartlands so they could appease to the Summerween Trickster. Thankfully the ponies managed to fulfil the demands of the Trickster, sparing the crowd! I couldn't get as many screenshots for this one, but it was a whole lot of fun nonetheless.

Many people came along early to wait with us!

The Summerween Trickster (totally not Pumpkin Glow) makes her demands...

A desperate hunt for candy begins!

Her devious demands are met! The Shadowbolts prepare to sweep the skies...

Thank you so much to everyone who made this event happen! Pumpkin Glow and Holiday Cheer did an absolutely wonderful job of acting during the event, not to mention planning the routes! Shout-outs to my fellow candycorns, to the spooky ponies of the Heartlands forests and the Shadowbolts for putting on an amazing performance!

Perhaps we could use this to practice for Nightmare Night... But I think that covers it. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Legends of Equestria Discussion / Re: NPC Issue in Ponydale
Last post by Goomie - 2018 Jun 23, 14:40:33
It's a bug caused by regenerative aura being casted on the guards. It's best to avoid doing it since it can cause issues with the server until the next reset
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