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He got hit by a car recently and was hospitalized so let's cheer him up a bit, shall we ^-^

Here's a song from the place I've been in lately:

Get well soon!
I dunno if anyone remembers but a while back I presented a seed for Minecraft. One that spawns you on an island in the middle of the ocean with only 1 tree nearby...

I don't see many seeds like that, so I guess it's pretty rare. BUT... I have stumbled on another one, except even more hardcore ;) This time the seed wasn't inspired by my ego, but the world I'll be playing on when Guild Wars 2 FINALLY comes out after a few weeks... The wait has been unbearable DD:

Seed: Far Shiverpeaks
World: Large Biomes (Has to be set to large biomes, otherwise you'll spawn in a taiga forest with piggies)

Spoiler: show

Therefore, like before, I challenge anyone and everyone bored in Minecraft to take it upon themselves to play this seed on Hardcore. Don't be afraid to use the bonus chest, since there are no trees ovO

Also if anyone still wants to play the old seed it's "Howlborne" and surprisingly still works after all these patches ^-^ protip: south