Evolution of the Pony Model

Started by Ellowee, 2013 Jul 20, 07:24:55

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Quote from: MLP_BlackNight on 2017 Nov 30, 22:00:33Are you the owner

Ellowee is the mascot for Legends of Equestria. The pony that is the face of LoE. And if you say them together, "Ellowee" sounds like "LoE."

I think the person that made Ellowee might be the main person that started the project, but an MMO like this takes a lot of work from a lot of people, so just giving credit to one person as the "owner" doesn't really do justice to all of them.

That might be why we only see "Ellowee" and not the person behind her in all the announcements.
"Henceforth," Ditzy continued, "you shall observe Muffin Monday on the first Thursday of every August! You shall commemorate it... with a minute of solemn silence for reflection on the fragility of life. And then, muffins!"

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