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Started by Liska, 2013 Jan 10, 20:28:47

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Colt Zero

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Quote from: Mizuki on 2015 Apr 10, 03:03:45
Sorry but this thread is for team members' streams

Sorry about that.

Ah... I was curious how in the world I was able to be able to link a live stream of a previous LoE Open Server Event before without messing up and yet this time I some how did to spite having done it right before.

A large part of it was because I didn't think to look back to my old posts to check where I had posted the link before. And I did find my mistake was at least some what justified. The old thread for live streams that I posted in before is in the archive, meaning it hadn't been posted in for a long time and kind of got swept away.

So that leaves me with the question of whether or not there is another thread for people to put there LoE Livestreams. I didn't see any.

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we need more livestreams :v


@Princess Oliver and I will be doing an implementation of a new core system livestream at 3pm CDT, so come and join us then!
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Starting up a livestream at 11:00 PM PST. (In about 30 mins)

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Alright, starting stream up a little earlier than planned.

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Streaming again in a few minutes!



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On behalf and with the agreement of BludSpammd, he is streaming some 3D modeling of ponies now. Join here if you're interested:
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