Cloudbusting - Clouds Like Clay Quest

Started by MiniUnit, 2022 Apr 28, 01:27:54

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Can anyone tell me how to collect the clouds in the Clouds Like Clay quest? I don't know how to do it, and the quest markers are making completing other quests very confusing.
I'm playing kind of weirdly to be fair: downloaded through google play onto a Chromebook, so it's the mobile version of LoE.


The clouds will drop a chest on the ground when defeated. That will contain the cloud pieces you need.
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Attack the little clouds that are at several locations in Cloudopolis. Although the quest gives several locations where you can find these clouds about 20' above the street, it doesn't look like it matters which little clouds you attack or in what order. The clouds regenerate and I got about five times more than I needed to complete the quest. I've no idea what else they're good for. So I got clouds from anywhere I could find some, just in case. Like, I still don't know which building is the "armory". Anyway, quest completed, point gained in "Foal" and "Music", bank space enlarged. It's all good. I found it easiest to land on a wee cloud, then target and toss a pillow at it, collect loot box, profit!

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