Quest help! Six shooter is missing? [Resolved]

Started by MxPaint, 2022 Apr 30, 19:10:12

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2022 Apr 30, 19:10:12 Last Edit: 2022 Apr 30, 20:09:06 by MxPaint Reason: Problem Resloved
Hi, i'm doing one of the newer quests in The Frontier, "Meddling Matchmaker" given by Sassafras. I've checked all locations in the frontier (Applewood, Dodge Juncture, The Cherry Ranch and The Campsite.) I cant seem to find Six Shooter anywhere, I cannot find anything on the wiki that will help, and i'm really drawing up blanks. If anyone can help me or point me to the correct area that would be much appreciated  X3 !

[edit: Six Shooter was on a bench next to a large cactus in Applewood, Next to the staircase with horse shoes. It turns out I just didn't see him due to it being night when i was looking for him. I'll leave this up just in case somebody else has issues or cannot find him as well.]
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