How Does One Make The Game Fullscreen? (Direct Download)

Started by Evergray, 2021 Oct 22, 09:34:54

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Hello! I just started playing. I downloaded the direct version. My game is unable to go into fullscreen. I've checked the settings and there is no option to make it fullscreen. Is it possible, or is the game just not fullscreen? Many thanks!

- Ev


Update: I've fixed the issue. For those who are wondering how to fix the issue:

1. Go to your settings (to do this, press the escape button and click the settings option on the pop-up menu)

2. Click on "video" (or "video settings", can't remember what the button says exactly).

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Yes, you can scroll. Use your mousepad or mouse. I believe there is also a slider (it kind of blends in, I missed it the first couple times).

4. Click the box underneath the "Fullscreen" text to tick the box (a green check mark will show up in the box)

5. Make sure to click the "Apply" button, or else your game will not go to fullscreen.

6. Press the "yes" button when it asks if you want to keep the new settings.

7. Enjoy LoE in fullscreen! To exit fullscreen: Settings - Video - Uncheck fullscreen - Hit yes on "do you want to keep new settings

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