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In my opinion, quests give too little experience.
I created a new character, did 72 quests and got level 11. 11 out of 50!
And what about the remaining 39 levels? Beat mobs? Beat mobs throughout 39 levels? This is too stupid and not interesting.
Ponies shouldn't hit anyone at all. They have to run on the grass, collect flowers and sing songs.
It is necessary to increase the experience given for completing quests for quests two to three times.
Why does the character level increase only from combat talents? And not from the highest talent you get?
In general, experience is gained very slowly. I've been mining for 4 days in a row and doing the same actions and I don't like it.
You have to dig ore for a very long time, then to melt it into ingots, then to make armor, then to sell them .. this is a very long and pointless.
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This not a place for me to say this, but... to me:

The type of game is not the kind of competition, this MMORPG game is a kind where players can enjoy, explore and interact. Sure is not interesting for someone like me who like to do things fast, but at the same time find it fun and relaxing, even the music (excluding the encountering mod part).

I would go to the list of quest on the web to see what quest and what rewards they have. No need to rush all and about, there are also quests that is only available during a certain event/celebration.

I don't mind about the levels, but I didn't know that the combat talent is a character level, I also though the chosen talent is the character level. I kind of wonder what it would be like if one plays the game and progress/do quests without having to beat/fight mods, of course, I know there are games like that, but I forgot what is it called. Surely there has to be a reason why combat talent is include. The part about "Ponies shouldn't hit anyone at all":

1. If is about the mods (attackable types):
- one can either fight or run away (is the players' decision), neutral one don't attack you unless you attack them first.

2. If is about other players:
- That I'm not sure, but one time a friend ask me if want to battle each other, I politely decline. So, I don't know if is possible to attack other players or not.

The experience gaining is indeed very slowly, but with patience and planning, it wouldn't take that long. My way or gaining is not tying to raise all at the same time, but focus on one you want to raise, like the one with the lowest level or the one you are good at/enjoy doing, when the level is at a the point you are satisfied with, you can switch to doing a different one or stay.

The last part of your experience read in the post above, I don't how to say this, crafting is part of it and I done it not long before I switching to farming. Mining ores is easy as long as you remember where they are located when the dowsing crystal's detection wears off, they'll take long or short time to find them randomly. Making armor is fun but it does take up space since they don't stack. Written in their wiki, A crafted piece of armor has a random chance to get an alteration increasing its stats. I like to keep the perfect one for later to harmonized and give out to others.

The way you say it in your post, I also want to know why, but I guess only the admins or moderators knows (wonder if it has been answered before). The only part I'm frustrated about is the service restarting every few hours, then again, it did says that the project is ongoing; read in their Homepage (https://www.legendsofequestria.com/)

I started playing the game only a month ago, so I only know half about it.

[To any admin or moderator reading this]
Sorry if my post is too long to read and giving explainable answers.

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