UI is too small!

Started by KeyXIIV, 2021 Jul 05, 17:55:22

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Hey so I just started playing and I'm already in love with this project, but all the UI icons are just so small for me rn. I'm on Windows 64x, playing in fullscreen and the highest resolution. Please send help, I'd really like to be able to use my minimap  ono


There's a few ways for you to resize the icons:

For the minimap, if you look closely there's a small arrow on the bottom right of the map just above the map name. click and drag to re-size that.

For the toolbar on the bottom, click on the brown arrows pointing up on the far right side and drag. That will resize your toolbar. Everything else you can use keyboard shortcuts if you're having difficulty with clicking on them.
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Oh thanks so much that really helps!!! I do still wish there was a way for the text to be made bigger so i don't have to be like 7 inches from my screen but thats why the game is still in development!! tysm!!

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