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Introductions / Hello everypony!
Last post by Rouge Cloud - Today at 13:36:57
Hi everypony!

I recently came across this game via a chatgroup, i very recently became a brony, granted it was the new Netflix movie 'MLP Next generation', i really fell in love with 'Friendship is magic' too. i for a long time hid my true self and for around a year now have been out and about exploring, as a stallion i, before learning not to judge like a boy but rather experiencing it for myself, had never thought about looking at the ponies but i am very happy i changed.

I have played a bit of the game and altough it is rough, logically since it is very early and not made by big gamestudios like Bungie i believe, i do see a very cool game with big BIG potential. I would love to share some ideas i thought of while playing the game, sadly i didn't make it into 'game design' as a study but i do find it fun to continue thinking about games and what could be done with them.

Rouge Cloud (not real name)
Update: I've fixed the issue. For those who are wondering how to fix the issue:

1. Go to your settings (to do this, press the escape button and click the settings option on the pop-up menu)

2. Click on "video" (or "video settings", can't remember what the button says exactly).

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Yes, you can scroll. Use your mousepad or mouse. I believe there is also a slider (it kind of blends in, I missed it the first couple times).

4. Click the box underneath the "Fullscreen" text to tick the box (a green check mark will show up in the box)

5. Make sure to click the "Apply" button, or else your game will not go to fullscreen.

6. Press the "yes" button when it asks if you want to keep the new settings.

7. Enjoy LoE in fullscreen! To exit fullscreen: Settings - Video - Uncheck fullscreen - Hit yes on "do you want to keep new settings
Hello! I just started playing. I downloaded the direct version. My game is unable to go into fullscreen. I've checked the settings and there is no option to make it fullscreen. Is it possible, or is the game just not fullscreen? Many thanks!

- Ev
I didn't know where to directly post this but I have been having issues with playing LOE for awhile now, from being kicked every 5 seconds for "bad connection" when connection is stable to now it refusing to update and giving me this random error screen.

I was trying to play/give LOE another chance again but unfortunately I am still yet unable to play the game as now it will not accept updates or "open" after being updated.

This is the error message I keep recieving:

General News / Re: Hallowtide is Here! Legend...
Last post by Fluttershyyaaay - 2021 Oct 20, 17:44:00
where is crypt keeper in the heartlands? not even the wiki knows that one
Next Sweet and Elite: Meet and Greet

Date: Friday October 22nd, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT
Server: Amareicas
Location: Cantermore Train Station
Style: Adventure
Host: Toot Sweet
All ponies, old and new, welcome.

We have a group Discord. 
You can find it at
Desert Rose
Forlorn Void
Grace Seraph
Healing Lavender
Hellfire Nightmare
Lemon Cloud
Red Velvet
Rising Star
Snowy CloudDancer
Wind Spray

Spoiler: Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Screenshots - October 16th 2021 • show
General News / Re: Hallowtide is Here! Legend...
Last post by StarFrith - 2021 Oct 17, 12:02:11
Trying out the new update now. ^_^ Not too keen on the motion blur, felt a wee bit nauseous,  so I went into the Options menu and un-checked it. Looks like flying up from a tilted position still retains that tilt in the air. I confirm that you can now "light" the torches in the Applewood mine rather than "lit" them. Harmonious armor has become very bright in the dark. I'm still collecting Phoenix boots, I'll check out the New (shiny!) Library interior later, and try and guess where the Spacial Bats might be at... And it looks like the saddle bag inventory manager has been tweaked! So far, discarding items actually discards them where you selected rather than paring them off the first stack in the bag. Nice! Saw a few festive jack-o-lanterns on my rush through Canterlot to the train station. Awesome work as always, people.

When is it going to be 10 years since the start of coding on "Equestria Online"? The first time I attended an Open Server Weekend was 9 years ago, around September 29th.

Oh, another thing -- I have several pony parody titles for books and magazines, it you want them, just give me a poke. Band names and musicians too.
Hi there, I'm having trouble logging in. It keeps telling me to update to the latest version but... I already have it?  ono

General News / Hallowtide is Here! Legends of...
Last post by Ellowee - 2021 Oct 16, 07:42:05

Hey again, everypony! Autumn is here once again, which means it's time for everything to get a little bit spooky for a while - and Equestria is right on theme, with Hallowtide now in full swing! That's not the only thing happening in our latest update; read on for a few other highlights from v2021.05.01, now available for download!

You'll probably notice that a few places have had their atmospheres adjusted for the festivities. This is more than just the usual decorations this time around, however; new seasonal trimmings have been added along with some fog effects, and a new bloom setting really helps with the ambience! There are also some new cosmetic pumpkin lanterns available from your friendly neighbourhood graveyard-tender, Crypt Keeper! And of course, some ponies will be celebrating the festivities by giving out candies, and the seasonal costume quest is enabled once more, for those who haven't yet created Ensemble's masterpiece of a Hallowtide costume!

Not everything in this update is as spooky, though; the Cantermore Library now has a suitably ostentatious interior, complete with enough tomes to shake a bookcase at! There might even be some reading material there to learn more about the origins of Hallowtide itself...

Our efforts to include your efforts in-game continue, as we add 2 more fan-made main menu themes! Where will Prologue end up next? You can read more about these inclusions here, if you'd like to submit your own, and see your artwork in the game for all our players to enjoy!

There's plenty more included in this update - greater VR support, mobile UI tweaks, new Talent Marks, and of course the usual raft of bug fixes and quest issues addressed - and you can check out the full details in our changelog. To experience this new content, you'll need to update your copy of the game; if you're playing using a direct download on your computer, you'll need to go to our downloads page to download the latest version. If you're playing using our launcher, or the Android mobile version (we're still working on iOS, don't worry!), you should be updated automatically (although you may need to visit the Play Store and prompt it to update the app)!

That's everything for now; we hope to see you in Equestria soon, and that you all have a very happy Hallowtide!

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