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I actually ended up putting 'watch the first episode of MLP' on my bucket list funnily enough  :P

I had seen some of the controversy and hype over the show so - as I like to form my own opinion - I put it on my bucket list. Which was really kind of pointless 'cause I had nothing else to do as I was kinda friend and project-less at the time, so I ended up watching it in like the next half hour.

My first reaction was 'Huh. This... actually isn't all that bad. Why do I like this??' But after watching all of the show and getting involved with the fandom I'm pretty sure I know why I like it.  ^-^
Alright cool. I was just making sure so I'm not paranoid later on  :P Anyway, can't wait to see everyone in there!  ^-^
Sweet!  ^-^ I can't wait!
But uh - one quick inquiry. Is it alright if we record videos of the goings on within the game? It'll still be awesome either way, but it would be cool to do a video on it. Thanks!

Whelp. I could have copied weirder things, I suppose.  :P
Ah! I'm so sorry - I had seen the rules and just didn't think. I'll try and be more thoughtful the next time I post. ^^;
Anyway, thanks for the welcome. :)
Hey there, I suppose I should introduce myself.
I'm BanesBloom, an amateur YouTuber, among other things. This is also pretty much the first forum I've joined, so... Yeah.

Also, a link to my Channel, if you'd like to take a look. Thanks if you do!
A warning though, some of my friends and I tend to be rather... Vulgar in our videos. If you don't like that kind of thing or it offends you then just skip over this - I don't want to upset anyone.
*removed due to content*
And I am so recording Legends Of Equestria on the next open weekend - if that's allowed that is.

Thanks and I hope we can create some form of acquaintanceship.   ^-^