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Off-Topic Archive / It's my birthday
2015 Aug 21, 00:30:11
No reason for posting!
Seeing as my last attempt at this failed due to the lack of maintenance on my part. But fear not, I will restart this RP. The title pretty much says all, Pegasi/Griffions cannot fly off this island no matter what. I'm sort of the Dugeon Master, and I have plenty of tricks for you! There is also no escape (except for one way you may discover).
With that said, begin!
Discuss the Summer sales here!
 Seeing as the first part of the My Little Investigations have just released, it's time to release another topic. Please cover all spoilers relating to the game! Thank you!
Here we go.....
Post your funny images,Gifs, and Memes of Season 4. Go crazy
 Rules are simple: Explore the island, who know what you might find? Will you find rescue? You are all controlling 1 person (or pony!)
You know what to do.

Pegasi/griffons cannot fly far enough to get off the island! As for terrain, it can be whatever you imagine. This island may be full of surprises :)
Reserved for when Season 5 begins
Off-Topic Archive / HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2013 Dec 31, 12:08:12
What will you be doing for New Years day?!
Resolved Issues / What happened to Awards?
2013 Dec 14, 14:29:27
Hello there, Citizen!
Post all the Specters!
Spoiler: Season 4 Spoilers • show
Discord is going to be singing in Season 4

You know what to do or do you?
Discuss away!
The Retirement Home / The Crystal Empire?
2013 Sep 28, 14:47:13

Is it me or is this LoE and The Crystal Empire? This video was made by Phirenor, A LoE 3D modeler.
The Retirement Home / No LoE chat?
2013 Sep 14, 23:50:27
I am curious as to why there hasn't been a new IRC? Can't one be set up? I would love to chat with LoE people again!
NOTICE: This thread will be closing next Saturday! Thank you all for a wonderful discussion! Discuss your overall feelings of season 4!
Today they are announcing the doctor! This post is for announcement discussion. You know what to do!
Resolved Issues / A "Similar Post" Feature
2013 Jul 28, 18:06:36
We've all had the annoyance of having around 50 posts asking singular questions about the stress test last time. Well I suggest that if possible to have a feature where the forums will show you posts with similar titles to yours so we can avoid having 50 posts about how to run the game and so on. I would think it would help the forum's be a lot less cluttered.
However if you are unable to do it, I would suggest opening a new board called "Questions" to direct traffic from board such as this and place all the questions to that board.
Dear lord.... I will die this November... Not because of ponies... I could survive that... But all of this in 1 weekend? Let's see what there...

Sherlock is also returning at the same time...
and let's not forget...

I shall die this November...

This is a small preview of what's to come! Also SPOILER ALERT!
Spoiler: show
I've noticed that the Team Page is severely out of date. I've noticed several new recruits such as Polar (A programmer) have not been added. Plus Killer has yet to be removed as Concept Designer Lead. Also what's the point of the Media Page  :I ? I've been curious about that a lot...
Title says all! Discuss the Summer sale which has just begun!

The Silvers... A once powerful family...fallen from it's time for them to rise once more!


During the rise of Nightmare moon, the fallen Princess had a special group of servants that could gain the power of the moon. She made 2 groups of these to insure balance, The Silvers and Shadows. The Silvers could gain power from moon's Light side, while their Shadow Counterparts could gain power from the dark side of the moon. When Nightmare moon fell the two groups, wanting each other's full power went into a war. At the end of the war, the Silvers were almost completely devastated and went into hiding. The Shadows would vanish under mysterious circumstances 200 years after the war. 400 years after the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon, The Silvers returned more powerful. The family quickly grew a monopoly using their magic and knowledge gained from their exile. They made "Manehatten Co" which helped gained interest in the rising city. The family then enjoyed the prospect of the benefits of the amount of bits. The family reached its peak when the Canterlot Government bought out the company to instate a more direct control of the city. However the Family's good times soon ended. The Changling invasions came and absolutely devastated Canterlot and several other major cities. The family's High Elders died during the attacks leaving the choices to the much more inexperience generation. The Silver's Bits soon ran out thanks to mismanagement and overspending on various pleasures activates. Now the family is on the brink of disaster and it has only gotten worse for the family. The Shadow Clan has returned more powerful than ever, and they bring another threat to Equestria, The Crimson Clan who controls Blood magic to control beings and create monstrosities. Now the fate of the family is now in the hands of a new generation...

Extra Lore

Entry I: The Silver Family also has long standing traditions. Every Family Born Filly or Colt will start out with the name "Silver".  They can only get a second name once they have discover their cutie Marks.
Entry II: The Silvers do have good Relations with clans such as Thunder, Lightning, and Snow.
Entry III: The Crimsons are considered to be the greatest threat to the Silver Clan
Entry IV: The Silvers are normally considered outcasts in main society due to their history with Nightmare Moon, however they are much loved in Manehatten for creating their city. So in this day and age the general public is indifferent to them.
Entry V: The Silver's unique ability to draw on the power of the Light side of the moon can be also used by Pegasus and Earth Ponies to give them extreme strength for a brief amount of time. Although it's harder to control for the said races.

Hello my fellow Ponies! This is my guild I am creating. As you might've guessed you need to have the name "Silver" as your first name. Well you're sort of wrong. You can still join the Clan even without the name "Silver" as your first name. However in the rank system, you can only enter the second highest tier of ranking (when I say name I'm talking about your in game pony name!)
This Guild or Clan as I like to call it is heavily RP Based and I will require for you to make an OC with a Silver Clan Oriented Back-story. We will have RPs on occasion so do keep attention to that! For now I'll provide you with the ranks and you can be on your way!
Silver High Elders (Silver first name only, 5 only): Silver Light (Weatherboy1) Silver Masquerade (Weremetalwolf)
Silver Trustees (10): HerpyDooves (Honorary)
Silver Loyalist (15)  Weather Burst (Fanofrainbowdash)
Silver Protectors (Infinite)
Silver Initiates (Infinite)
-Rank Lore-

Silver High Elders:
Silver Trustees: These are valuable allies and assets of the Silver Clan. The Trustees mainly deal with Clan Diplomacy and seek out powerful artifacts of Nightmare Moon in the Everfree forest and various other locations. The Trustees also work in espionage and training of the Protectors and Initiates.

Silver Loyalist: The Loyalist act as the main military like force. The Loyalist is composed of tacticians and often escorts the Trustees and High Elders on high risk missions. The Loyalist are also in charge of scouting and maintaining the secrets of the clan

Silver Protectors: The Protectors are considered the body guards of the clan. They specialize in crafting and scouting. Some of the highest ranking Protectors can craft or enchant some of the highest tier items ever seen in Equestria to date. They are also contributing to Research and Development.

Silver Initiates: The Initiates are the lowest tier in the clan but the most needed. The Initiates oversee the various operations such as helping the Trustees's excavation of various locations for magical artifacts, handling the local businesses and serve as workers for making the various crafts for the Protrectors.

To sign up for the guild you simply must do a few things
1: List your pony name or the OC you're about to make.
2: Make an OC story that fits within the context of the lore above!
That's all you must do. You will be given a better rank based on how well you make your OC's story. You will be rewarded for how well you make your story.
-Clan To-do List-
1. Make symbols for each of the ranks.
2. Have RP sessions
3. Make a small website. 
Herd Relations

The latest reports from the Trustees indicate that relations with the following herds are at...
Traveler's Blessing: Neutral
Description: The Traveler's Blessing negotiations are ongoing however, it is looking unlikely that we will enter the allied-ship due to disagreements in our, Herd Policies have soured negotiations, however neither side will take action against each other.
The Asylum: Indifferent
The Warriors of Harmony: Allies
Description: The Warriors of Harmony officially became our first ally on July 10th, 2013. We have agreed to help each other rise. Economical deals will come later.
The Shadows: Taking active action against
Description: Mortal enemies, attack on sight of any Shadow Operative. Be aware they are capable of using Dark side of the Moon Magic, which can stun, incapacitate, and have the ability to camouflage in the night.
The Crimsons: Code Red: Active war
The Crimsons are a relatively new clan on the fields but they are possibly the most deadly. The source of their Blood Magic is unknown, however rumors and circumstantial Evidence suggest one of 3 theories ranging from gaining power from Sombra's Secret collection of books to an ancient Discord Cult, to the least like of Starswirl's personal Guard. Reguardless of where they got their powers they are very dangerous and should be stunned on sight regardless of condition and situation. They are known to use their own Magical energy to make shields of blood, and summon "Blood Spikes" from the ground. These are only the most basic of their attacks and each member of the Crimsons has their own special ability.

The above shows an artist's picture of a Crimson. Crimsons traditionally have more dark reddish coats.
Official Family Tree

This is a first draft but it's the beginning for a system I hope to implement, Enjoy the lore :)
Before ending this, I would love to give credit to Ramisha,  Sid Vicious, and Ghostinghowl for the wonderful art you see here, I appreciate your assistance  ^-^. Please click below for the official banner of the Silver Leagcy Clan.
I will add more to this, but this is only the beginning! The Silvers shall regain its place in Equestria.
Official Silver Clan Song

Ut Victoria quod Ultra

To Victory and beyond
Original Characters / The Silver Legacy
2013 Jul 04, 16:07:49
I do plan on adding more Silver Characters! Just you wait!
Silver Light

Personality (Officially) Alluring, Smart, and Friendly

Personality (Eyewitness Descript) Mad, Alluring, and Intelligent.

Awards: Most Beautiful Mare in Canterlot 2 years running; 2nd place winner of Equestria's most beautiful Mare competition. An adept Magical Ability level by Princess Celestia's school for gifted Unicorns Magical Assessment level, Medal of Bravery.

Allies: The Magical Division of the Royal Guard/Army; Contacts at Stock Trade; and multiple allies across major Pony Settlements; allegedly in league with several guilds such as the Asylum, and Traveler's Guild

Bio: Silver Light's Life started in possibly one of the largest crisis's in Equestrian history during the Changeling Invasion. When the shield fell, a piece of the still solid shield energy fell on the hospital and caused major damage to the Resident hospital in Canterlot. Soon Changeling Diver bombers fell on the city and started to overwhelm the Royal Guard/army. Before the shield fell, her parents had just brought her into the world and were still in the hospital. In the chaos, her parent's, Silver Buck (father, Earth pony) and Manya (Mother, Unicorn) went missing and to this day are presumed dead. Soon after the Changeling's were repel away from Canterlot, the Royal guard initiated a city wide rescue/recovery operation. In which Silver Light was discovered in her crib. Her sign on her crib read "Silver_____".  When Royal guards posted her as missing her parents, Silver Dawn and Silver Hammer (Her aunt and Uncle) took custody of Silver Light until the fate of her parents were discovered. When it became apparent when after 2 months into recovery, they had not found Silver Lights's parents. 
Her adopted family took care of her until she was in early Childhood when she decided to try for a magical academy in Canterlot, She discovered her Cutie mark when a wind so great blew out her class's candle's for light at night, she managed to ignite all 19 candles with 1 magical surge and discovered her talent for light and magical ability.
After this incident, she was offered instant graduation from Novice level and speed up to Adept level classes. She excelled and the Royal Army took note of this. The Royal Army offered to take her in as a part of their newly formed Magical Division and foreign relations. Their job was to help repel threats from Canterlot, so another Changeling like Incident would never happen again. During her more advanced Adept Training, she decided to enter Beauty Competitions for bits while she was in training, and won a significant amount, she earned a plentiful amount of bits and began investing in the stock market, but during this period of time, she had attracted an amount of lovers, all of which she has cold shouldered thus so far.

Her most notable achievement is a 2 month expedition of the Everfree forest, She and her small group of Magical Division agents did quite possibly the most comprehensive expedition into the Everfree forest, documenting well over 50 new plants, 12 new species, and noted multiple behavioral traits of many of the animals in the forest. While on this trip, a manticore attacked the camp at the night, after injuring 3 royal Guards, Silver Light Came out of her tent and performed a spell that repelled the manticore using a blinding Light Spell. After this the Manticore retreated back and the mission was saved.
Silver Light is known to travel across Equestria, but her latest mission assigned by the royal guard is to recover the staff of Whodibu, the legendary staff owned by Whodibu is said to hold untold power...
The Retirement Home / Help!
2013 Jun 16, 19:07:07
Has anyone on the forums seen Equestria Girls? I need some honest opinions on the movie before I see it. Just basically tell me what's good, and what's bad without spoiling the story (even though I can guess it pretty well).
Thank you!
Resolved Issues / A temporary chat?
2013 Jun 08, 20:51:09
I would like to request the making of a temporary chat for the open server event, so that you can more easily organize events and find friends!
The Retirement Home / Can someone explain?
2013 May 26, 14:55:04
 I'm extremely confused as to what has happened, I don't check in for about a week and then Swebow's been kicked out, what happened?

If you listen to the lyrics from 0:35-1:05 I almost thought it was Lauren Faust's perspective on the Brony fandom. Seriously listen to the lyrics, it perfectly describes the Brony fandom as a whole from Laurn's Perspective.
I also thought they did a nice job with a Gangnam Style Reference
Off-Topic Archive / Zombie Plan
2013 Mar 03, 17:51:49
Title says all.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Happy Derpy day!
2013 Feb 28, 20:59:26
 :P It's that time of year again! You may be going  :0 but that's right! It's derpy day! You need to makes muffins, deliver mail by hand, wear grey, and make derped eyes.
I wish you all a happy Derpy Day!
P.S. To any LoE staff reading, will you have something special planned for the anniversary of the "split"
Video Games Archive / Worst games ever...
2013 Feb 28, 17:17:42
I'm wondering this... what is the worst game of all time? the only requirement is a game that you had to have paid for, can be from any time period in which Video games existed
I've been hearing little things about this "princess Skyla" but who is she? I've never her on the show? Or have I?
Guild Archive / The Classy Guild
2013 Feb 11, 22:40:08
Hello, my fellow Gentlecolts and Ladies!
We are the classy Guild, We are professionals and idealist, but we don't have any of the brute-like nature like our fellow guilds! No, We are and will be the classiest Guild out there. The requirements are...

  • Must have Bow tie/dress

  • (optional) talk in a Manehatten Accent

(more to be added later sorry I wrote this in a rush)
MLP: FiM SD Archive / My god....
2013 Jan 18, 19:38:59
Spoiler: show
You knew that this thread would come 1 day. I was reluctant to make this until I saw the new Hub commercial. I now feel that this is necessary. If my fears are correct, then Twilight may be becoming an Alicorn.
If you haven't been following this I will create a summary of the evidence directing to Twilight becoming an Alicorn. The fears first arose when this picture was posted on EQD

At first we could past it off as derpy Marketing or something. But then... we saw the Hub Commercial for the season. Specifically Mentioning that "1 Pony will discover her true destiny" this followed with clips of Twilight making the assumption that they are talking about her. At this point there is still not enough evidence to support this. But then another thing came along that further suggested this.

During the first 10 minutes of the Crystal Empire episode, we see Luna and Celestia talking about Twilight. Then Celestia says "Then we will know if she is being closer to being ready" The question is... what? There is no obvious answer to this. What else could Twilight be ready for? She's the element of Magic, one of the most talented Magic users, the only way she can ascend further is to be a Princess.

This actually does make sense, seeing as both her Brother and her Sister in Law are a Prince and Princess. Now here we run into another issue. Don't you notice that all the princesses are Alicorns? So assuming it's not a genetic inheritance, (which make that unlikely due to the lack of multiple alicorns) we can theorize that magic can make wings thus = Alicorn. I mean look at the Rainboom episode, Twilight makes wings for Rarity. They are temporary but does that mean that someone more powerful (I.E. the Princesses) could make them permanent?  That is just a theory, but it does have some evidence to support that.

Then... quite recently we got this picture from official Hasbro merch.

Granted, there's only 1 Twilight Alicorn, but this makes the plot thicken even more. Why even include this? I tried looking up official pictures from the same sticker book with Alicorn ponies, but I didn't find any besides the 1 we already know. It just makes no sense unless something happened in the show, to make just a Twilight Alicorn but not the rest?

Then finally, the ultimate piece fell into place. The new Hasbro Commercial... see it here...

This concerns me the most, The episode title.... "Princess Coronation". Which ultimately gives us the final piece. Twilight may be becoming a Princess.

But does this mean she becomes an Alicorn? Not 100% but not 100% ruled out. There is 1 thing that might suggest something else but is unlikely. Do you remember that Cadence was the Crystal Princess? But then apparently Sombra took over and made the empire vanish. Now that it's come back, Cadence can now re assume control. Possibly Sombra making a return somehow (even though the implied that they killed him or whatever he was)

Now if our worst fears come about? What then? I can't answer that, but based on reactions EQD, I think we're going to have a massive issue. I hope to celestia that this is false. But if you look at all the evidence, it's easy to see why it's directing to this.
Pony Off-Topic Archive / Rage......
2013 Jan 09, 18:16:24
:l You got to be kidding me... The only convention, even close to me, Is cancelled for this year. WHY!?!?!?
This is a post for all the pictures, quotes, thoughts on the live stream. I will close this up on 19th due to it not being very relevant.
Anyway post your thoughts, pictures, videos, and or quotes from the live stream :)
Confirmed new Info on LoE:
There will be 3 districts in canterlot are named, "Park, Market, and Residential" with an additional unofficial district where the Royal Canterlot castle will be. Said at about 10:40 EST by Popey.
So I was watching this video:
and at 11:00 the guys talk about how Nightmare Moon's plan sorta doomed the world and would auto fail. But then It got me thinking....If Celestia has power over the sun... Doesn't that mean she would have absolute control over the Entire Planet, not just Equestria. She could stop the sun (Even though its stupid) over the Zebra land or the Griffon lands, and either freeze them or burn them to death. So Technielly she could dominate the entire world with the Royal Army, and if one nation refuses to join her dominion, she just would stall the sun, and burn or freeze them to death. So really Celestia is the Dictator of the world, If you make her made she first sends to the moon. Then she would burn or freeze your lands.
Guild Archive / Racing League
2012 Oct 01, 20:36:46
Have you ever had a race during the Stress test? Want more? Well you came to the right place once LoE comes out. The Racing league will organize races on servers. Now I'm not sure if we can do prizes like say, 100 bits or something, I don't know, we'll fix this up later. We will organize rules later, but for right now let's work on building this League.
So I see 2 possibilities of how to do this. Each will have its challenges and different lay outs.
1- We have multiple team of people (or herds) doing the races to represent their herd. They will race in honor of the said herd, and will earn them titles, and MAYBE (Don't take my word) maybe the winning guild will earn bits/ valuable items for the guild. This will require 2 things. One for the Herd to select one person to race. Two, for the racer to be the same Pony race (We can't have Peagusus and Earth Ponies race together too much potential for cheating from the Pegisi)
2- We have independent enters. That means anyone can sign up at will. Much harder to keep track, will have to set up tournaments that would lead up to a 5 man final race.

Now as for registering to be apart of Racing League, There will be 2 sign ups. One for official Member of the organization team (Don't worry, No work until the game releases,and or when we get more info on the game relating to racing.)
The second is a Herd Membership. That means when the game releases, Your herd will be able to compete in tournaments. That means we trust them to compete fairly, and accept any loses.

Organization team membership
1: Pony Name
2: Pony Race
3:Forum name
4: Why do you want to help Organize?

  Racing Herd Membership
1: Name of Herd
2: Number of Members
3: Main Leadership
4: Why are you joining the League?
Thank you and signing out with a Derp Picture