My characters in the character creator are disappearing!

Started by FanofRainbowDash, 2014 Jan 18, 13:20:54

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2014 Jan 18, 13:20:54 Last Edit: 2014 Jan 18, 13:25:19 by FanofRainbowDash
Whenever I visit my ponies, one of them disappears! See for yourself.     
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Can somepony please fix this? I don't want to lose all my ponies on the creator!  D:  ono


After you make your pony make sure that you export the code
so even if it is gone you can just import the code and have the selected pony back with everything
Ye-olde ex mod
You've just been McSleuthburgered!


Thanks for the tip. I hope the bug gets fixed soon.

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