Legends of Equestria Attending Ohayocon!

Started by Ellowee, 2013 Nov 29, 11:53:48

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We have to wait until January 24.
But then it will only be open from 24. to 26. January. It will be closed again later  DD:


Ooh, quite interesting, I might attend.


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I am prepared to bet the special announcement is a Stress Test during that weekend.... Taking all bets now!

Put down $15 for me

I'm putting down $20

*puts in whole allowance in the pot*

I'm going to be so broke... XD

Well, I only have 10$. I'm so broke D:


Quote from: Ellowee on 2013 Nov 29, 11:53:48

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to announce that Legends of Equestria is coming to Ohayocon 2014!
Legends of Equestria will have a panel and we would love to see you there. We are all very excited to attend our first convention of the year! More details are coming, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates about Ohayocon!

Ohayocon celebrates the art, culture and community surrounding animation and gaming and takes place from January 24-26th at the Hyatt Regency Columbus & the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.  To learn more about Ohayocon, please visit http://ohayocon.org/.

Also, I have a very special announcement to make coming up next week! Stay tuned~


can the beta just stay open for rest of year its so awesome .-.

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