Legends of Equestria Appearing on Bronies for Good Livestream Event!

Started by Ellowee, 2013 Nov 15, 15:41:32

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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, Bronies for Good will be hosting a Gaming Livestream Fundraiser and Legends of Equestria will be making an appearance! The Legends of Equestria interview will take place at 4:20 PM EST, and Mane6 will be there to chat as well! Team leaders SavanaPope and Blue Ink will be talking all about the game during that time.

From Bronies for Good:

You are invited to join us on November 16 at noon EST on events.yoursiblings.org where representatives of Bronies for Good, Derpy News, and Equestria Daily, as well as Emily Jones, and Dpad Pony will be playing Team Fortress 2 (competitive hat simulator), DoTA 2, League of Legends, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Skull Girls, Papers Please, and much more-- all benefiting the Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraising initiative!
With a little luck you may even be able to jump in on a few rounds, or you may win steam games, pony swag, and more!

We'll also be interviewing the development teams of both Legends of Equestria and Mane 6 to bring us the latest on their respective projects!

We look forward to seeing you all there for a big collaborative push for humanitarian projects for sustainable development in Uganda and Burundi!

You can find the livestream here: http://events.yoursiblings.org/
Read more about it here: http://broniesforgood.org/2013/11/gaming-for-good-a-brony-gaming-livestream-fundraiser/

Hope to see you at this awesome charity event!


Guess I have another livestream to watch. Listening to you guys talk again should be fun, and the rest of the stream looks interesting as well.


Sounds great. I'll see how it turns out. Hope to see some ponies and people alike there.

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