How did you become a brony?

Started by Aphex93, 2012 Apr 06, 15:47:37

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Sunny the pony

My classmates were buzzing about it and I was like "Hey, might as well give it a chance" then I went crazy about it when I saw the sisters reunite I cried  8D :')
Sunny is my OC with an orange and yellow braided mane, orange eyes, white coat, silly personality, lightning cutiemark with a sun next to it, and wings. Thank you for reading!

Blitz Freeman

I love this topic!   X3

I was at my high school, hanging with my friends in a classroom before first bell. One of my female friends was on a computer, looking up MLP images on Google. It seems she had been following the show since it began nearly 5 years ago. That moment was probably my very first introduction to the show. I thought to myself, "Wow, what a unique art style! Too bad it'll probably be dead in a year."

A few weeks later, I noticed it all over the web. I became very curious. So, I google imaged "my little pony". I really liked the way it looked, and the general feel of the pony world. I thought to myself, "I MUST watch this! Just once to see if it's any good or not."

One day after getting home from school, I noticed that no one was home yet. This was my chance. I went to Youtube and watched the pilot. The next day, I watched the second half. From then on, I watched 3+ episodes, every day I could until my parent came home. I really had to pace myself, or else I'd run out of available episodes.  >.<

Even today, I can't really nail down why I got so curious one day, or why I still follow the ponies now. There are, at most, 2 other bronies who know (or remember) that I am part of the herd. And for now, I prefer to keep it that way.  ;)
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I can't tell you when I became a brony, (probably 'cause I don't consider myself a brony) but I can tell you how I joined the MLP fandom lol

I didn't grow up with the franchise 'cause I kinda missed out on the 80's, but I was too young to remember the early 90's. So the only exposure I had to MLP were maybe the toys and any pop culture references. (like Dexter's Laboratory)

But I was a pretty big Lauren Faust fan; and when I found out she got put in charge of rebooting the franchise, I was really excited! (Though when I found out it would be a flash animated show for 4 year old girls, I got cautiously optimistic)

Sure enough once the first episode was put up on youtube, I became a fan :) (and apparently, so did the /co/ board on 4chan)

To put this in perspective; I was basically the ONLY PERSON on the entire internet who became a fan of the show over night but wasn't already a 4channer. (At least it sure as heck felt like it o.O)

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I actually ended up putting 'watch the first episode of MLP' on my bucket list funnily enough  :P

I had seen some of the controversy and hype over the show so - as I like to form my own opinion - I put it on my bucket list. Which was really kind of pointless 'cause I had nothing else to do as I was kinda friend and project-less at the time, so I ended up watching it in like the next half hour.

My first reaction was 'Huh. This... actually isn't all that bad. Why do I like this??' But after watching all of the show and getting involved with the fandom I'm pretty sure I know why I like it.  ^-^


Huh.. I got into the fandom from a musical aspect and then I started to realize I loved the art style, and so I started to draw a lot and now it's a pretty big thing in my life. I met most of my good friends through the fandom (I'm 16 and extremely introverted.) and that just gave me more reason to get into it all. I wouldn't really say that having friends is the only reason though. I like the characters, the music, the art, I like a lot about it.  But it started from the musical side. I remember because the first song was by the living tombstone and I started looking up other brony musicians. It never really felt weird to me, though, the only awkward aspect of it was that my dad really disapproved.   ^-^


I was a pony hater up until about a year ago.  I was in a cinema server on Garry's Mod when I walked into a private theater playing the Mare-Do-Well episode.  I decided to stay and watch it and was actually a bit awed at how good it was, both in animation, voice acting, and writing.  However, at that point I still didn't consider myself a brony.  I had a new-found respect for the show, but still held some minor prejudices towards the fandom.

I would stay a closet brony for another few months, making small forays into My Little Brony on Memebase and youtube tumblr ask blog dubs.  Finally, during christmas break of 2013, it was late at night and I was bored.  I decided it was now or never and booted up Netflix.  The next morning, I was a brony :3


I grew up on G3 and decided to check out G4 on youtube. The rest is history.


at the first i was thinking that mlp was a baby show. but one day i was bored and i have watched an episode. i was thinking: "what? what is this? i will never watch this again." but then another day i was bored too. and then i watched an episode. after watching a few episodes i was thinking: "hey...this isnt so bad..." and the i watched 1 episoder per day. after watching reaaly much episodes, i was reading about "the bronies" i was thinking: "that a brony too? aewsome!" and then i was thinking about ponies. all day...after some time i was creating videos and fan arts from ponies too. so this is my story ^-^ when there are any failures with my writing, then sorry, cuase im german :/


My cousin came for sleepover a weekend, and she said she loved ponies and wanted me to watch too.
I watched the first episodes and my expressions:
1st Episode: -.- this is boring and INTERESTING!
2nd Episode: Wow, Tia is so ugly. (xD lol that was real.. I am a Tia hater)
3rd Episode: GIMME MORE!!!!
And that continued. When I came to 3rd season, the season was over. I waited for Season 4 and watched it.. Now waiting
for EQG: Rainbow Rocks
P.S I am not really a pony hater, I am a pegasister, I just think Tia is ugly.

Princess Cadance forever! ;)


I was thinking "I bet this show will just be like any annoying girl show" because I was wondering what's with people liking a show for girls, then I realized it was really awesome so I eventually fell in love with it. P.S.: I'm not an early brony, I actually started when season 2 was about a quarter in.



Well, i guess i can say that too, i watched it in 1995 :P G1 rerun :P and loved the show. After G1 i forgot all about it until a friend in school told me there is a G4 XD
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Quote from: Grizzly on 2014 Jul 12, 02:34:09

Well, i guess i can say that too, i watched it in 1995 :P G1 rerun :P and loved the show. After G1 i forgot all about it until a friend in school told me there is a G4 XD
yeah I knew the show before I knew about G4 and for years I was just not bothering to care about the show, I guess this is how most people feel about a strange show that you wouldn't think a certain type of person (in this case men) would watch.


does that make me weird that i watched G1 and loved it? X3
The most common accident is the one noone expects.


Quote from: Grizzly on 2014 Jul 12, 02:43:18
does that make me weird that i watched G1 and loved it? X3

Nope not weird at all! :)

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One of my real-life friends suggested that I watch the show since he thought was really good. I went to look it up on Netflix since I remember seeing it on there wondering why would a person like him watch that show?

The funny part is that I watched the movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls first....

And then I watched what was available at the time on Netflix....

I got really hooked!!!!

I would have never been into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney if it wasn't for the Brony Community!!!


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I guess you could say that technically one of the classes I took a few years ago indirectly caused me to become brony. In this class, known as Intro TV, we had to watch 5 episodes of any television show and write reviews/summaries on them each week, but you couldn't review any one show more than twice. This was a royal pain in the backside for me, considering that I never did (and still don't) watch TV very much. You may be thinking "Oh so you watched MLP episodes and reviewed them" at this point, but you'd be wrong. I actually recalled hearing about Dr. Who, so decided to watch/review that. In the process, Youtube's sidebar gave me "Doctor Whooves and Assistant". I was curious, but it wasn't until a week later when I saw it on Newgrounds that I decided to give it a go, as I had reviewed more Dr. Who and was curious as to this whole pony thing. And the rest, as they say, is history. Still a secret brony and not likely to change, but when you have 79 fanmade stories in your read later bar? Perhaps I got a little too into it.  X3

Also of note is Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Storm. Who knows, it might just get you into the Phoenix Wright games, which I find to be pleasantly entertaining to just watch people play on youtube.

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My first encounter was anything FiM related was 'Story of the Blanks'. I remembered enjoying the older show when I was a little girl, so I played the game a bit, got frustrated because I couldn't get past a certain point, left, and forgot about it. I didn't have another FiMcounter until the following summer, when I got a deviantART to look at Digimon pics, found some DisPie pictures, and started shipping. Later that summer, I noticed a meme site I frequent(Cheezburger network) has a section called 'My Little Brony'. I began to look there often, in secret, until my sister one time walked in on me. I was, frankly, a little embarrassed, but my sister just stood there, so I kept scrolling. After a while, she asked "Have you tried watching this yet?" and I said "No." and she said "Let's do it together then." and I said "Okay." and we grabbed Netflix and marathoned the first 2 seasons, which were the only ones out at the time. After that, I started looking up pony stuff on YouTube, which I was mainly using to watch Minecraft videos, and now I watch a lot of pony analysts. :D


I became a Brony because I've heard a lot about them through YouTube and throughout DeviantArt. I noticed how a lot of avatars on YouTube were brony-related and knowing the fandom for nearly three years now, I was starting to get interested in MLP. I did for a while watched LPS, but recently got of it because of MLP and how great it is. I tried back in 2011 I believe to watch the first episode, but didn't get passed the scene where Twilight and Spike were in the Canterlot Libaray only because I wasn't truly interested and not because it had ponies in it. Only in January 2014 did I start to watch the Flutterbat episode and I decided to watch the three previous seasons. I did enjoy however the Canterlot Wedding episode somehow when I first watched it back in 2012 so I probably made a mistake right there. That I think was when I should've considered watching the rest of the episodes and joining this fandom. I was only 13 when it started though.


I became a brony probably when i kept on seeing pony references all over the place, even on the internet and games where i go. I met someone who was a brony, he was a mod for a blog "time master pony" and he helped me get followers on my tumblr account almost immediately overnight with just a reblog.

It helped me out  to get confidants in what i drew, because i found that many people were interested in my drawings, so i did free requests and a flood of pony requests came in. i decided i need to understand the characters better for this so i watched the first few episodes. then episode after episode i began to enjoy watching mlp, and it just gave me a burst of inspiration that i made an ask blog for a story i am still working on to this day.

i hope to gain more followers tho, but im stuck on how i can get help to get the blog noticed so i am still trying to branch out and find ways.
an ask blog of mine id love for you to check it out

my regular art blog

not sure what i can say about me that is of interests, but if you would like to ask me something ill be more than happy to answer!


I'll add my story.

It was 2013 and since idk chemotherapy, whille successful, had pretty much killed my enthusiasm for life, I didn't do much. Hence I had never heard of FiM.

Earlier that year I was on IRC hacking on a phone with other people. A friend mentioned he was a brony a few times, but that was it until mid summer. He said something implying that you can't mock something unless you know what. Even though I wasn't involved I somehow clicked on the YT link, then the next.

That's how i became 20% cooler. :D
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