How did you become a brony?

Started by Aphex93, 2012 Apr 06, 15:47:37

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I started watching FiM some years ago before I was even 10, but I don't think I'd consider that me a brony, since I stopped for who knows how many years after a week or two(I think).

Cut forward to mid 2022 when I'm 20 and my sister starts watching FiM again and a guy I play War Thunder with is playing the Equestria At War mod for Hearts of Iron IV.
After a few weeks of this I think to myself: Y'know what.. The world needs a little more friendship. Let's go." And I start watching from Season 1. That's when I officially became a Brony. To an extent. I wasn't actively browsing MLP content until midway through the series, I believe.

And now here I am finished with Season 9, slowly making my way through the Equestria Girls movies, and making a virtual pony in LoE stand sideways on the side of a tree for whatever reasons.
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An old classmate introduced me to it through like science safety posters we made in class. he drew derpy and dr hooves and i asked him what the characters were. I found some rips of the show online and ive been a brony ever since! i like the show and when i found all the fan projects it really sealed the deal!
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