Vinyls top ten list!

Started by Vinyl Scratch c:, 2013 Jul 05, 16:17:57

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Vinyl Scratch c:

Hey there everypony!Starting today every pay cycle of my current job ill release a top 10 list of songs you should listen to over the next 2 weeks!Personally reviewed and rated by me!Now if youll excuse me ive got bits to collect!Enjoy! :D

1.Seven Nation Army Remix by The Glitch Mob.4/5 Bits.
2.I am Octavia[Titanium Parody] By the extremely talented voice actors nowacking,EileMonty,and Wild Cards!Some insane voice acting guys! 5/5Bits! Lyrics by KadajKitten.
3.Night after Night by DjPon3!
Watch it or your a terrible pony D: ITS SO CUTE.

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