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Started by hyper drive [HD], 2013 Jun 25, 03:24:12

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hyper drive [HD]

2013 Jun 25, 03:24:12 Last Edit: 2013 Jun 25, 03:29:32 by hyper drive [HD]
im having a big issue with itunes. i even go to there homepage but it has little effect. i need to authorize my computer but i cant find the buttom it tells me to when i go to the store page. can anypony help me? id like to make playlist. and i cant even play a dang song


Apple iTunes has a DRM policy for its purchased music of up to five computers linked to your Apple ID account. Once that adds up, iTunes will fuss at you and will not let you play it. What you're asking for is to deauthorize your computers I'm guessing.

iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization

  • Open iTunes

  • Open Store Menu (or Advanced for older versions)

  • Choose Authorize or Deauthorize and enter in your apple ID/password

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