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Started by Howitzer, 2013 Jun 12, 00:25:51

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If you ask anypony about him they might say he's a normal pony, as normal as they come. But that's the side side most ponies know about. Put him on a battlefield and he turns into a happy lunatic with an itchy trigger finger leaving no rock unturned or building still standing.

As a young colt he was as normal as any colt, doing the typical burning ants with a magnifying glass or lighting small fireworks. But his turning point, the day he saw rainbow dash's sonic rainboom, he knew there was bigger and better stuff to destroy. Through many trial and errors that almost always ended with his house burning down he finally mastered amateur pyrotechnics. his skills have been put to use assisting the mane-six in a lot of sticky situations.

He lives in a large house-like bunker just outside of ponyville, complete with, construction lab, testing range, weapons storage, and other home amenities.  his typical clothing is occasionally a helmet, but he usually wears a WWII jacket, and backpack over both sides of his waist that stores all kinds of survival gear, tools, and weapons.
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