Canterlot Gardens needs donations!

Started by Brick Stonewood, 2013 Mar 18, 17:55:52

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Brick Stonewood

2013 Mar 18, 17:55:52 Last Edit: 2013 Mar 18, 17:58:29 by Brick Stonewood
Many of you will remember last year's stress test, during which Legends of Equestria was temporarily available for public play during the weekend of Canterlot Gardens, where we allowed the fans to play the game alongside the development team, and even a few community celebrities. Some of you even had the opportunity to attend Canterlot Gardens for yourselves in Strongsville, Ohio, to see the panels, meet the guests, buy the merchandise, hear the musical performances, and take part in all of the other activities that made Canterlot Gardens such a fun and rewarding experience.

Right now, Canterlot Gardens would like to provide all of us with another opportunity to have such an experience, but they need our help to do it. Last year's Canterlot Gardens was Legends of Equestria's most successful weekend since we first began, and we recieved thousands of new forum members during the time we spent at the convention. That is why Legends of Equestria is asking our fans to help fund a second year of Canterlot Gardens, so that we can all enjoy it together, and grow even more as a result.

For anyone interested in helping, their kickstarter can be found at So please give what you can, and make sure to spread the word. They're counting on us!

Rad Thunder

I donated the moment I heard about this. I gave a very generous amount and spread the word as much as I could. It's been picking up steam recently and I really want to see CG happen again this year. I posted this in Perry's topic, but I think I might want to share it here as well. It's a vid by Yelling at Cats, trying to get the word out:


I'll see about donating some... but just case it fails do we get our money back? Just wondering...

Rad Thunder

As far as I saw, you won't be charged unless the goal is met (Which I hope it is...)

Billow Pillow

Been spreading the link, though i don't believe that many are actually reading it.  Perhaps you could try getting it posted on Equestria Daily?  :nod:
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Rad Thunder

Quote from: Lyra Heartstrings on 2013 Mar 18, 21:54:37
Been spreading the link, though i don't believe that many are actually reading it.  Perhaps you could try getting it posted on Equestria Daily?  :nod:

Already was.


Posted links to this on the Legends of Equestria Steam group


No offense intended, but this is not gonna get funded in time, It's 15 grand off with 2 days left....  :c

Perry The Pony

It is with a heavy heart that I regret to inform everyone that there will be no Canterlot Gardens 2013.  I would like to thank everyone for their support during the time of the kickstarter.  We gave it our all but could not make the goal.

We will continue to work on getting a possibility of 2014 but without the funding it will not be possible.

Again I would like to thank everyone again for the promotion, support, and help that everyone gave.

Douglas "Perry" Sartschev
Con chair of Canterlot Gardens.

Rad Thunder


I wish I can help, but...... I can't!!!!!!!!! DD:

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