It's time for the 24 hour event!

Started by SweBow, 2013 Jan 03, 21:14:32

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That stream was so fun[glow=teal,2,300]![/glow] ^-^



Quote from: Itty Bit on 2013 Jan 05, 21:54:13
basically sums up the end of the stream.
Still had loads of fun with it though! I can't wait till we have another!  ^-^
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I had to get off at 10:30PM PST and I was out all day with a bud...

Missed a lot :c

The first few parts were enjoyable though. :3
((Had to get off when the Writing Part started..))

Book Smarts

You guys convinced me to build my own pony playlist on Youtube  :D


Ooh... I'm really eager to get PC access today and skim through them tid-bits of the now not-live stream...

Glad to have had some of my Questions Answered. This game shall be amazing! :)


good to see that it'll have the poison joke, as well as its effects in the game, that would be cool lol

Chishio Kunrin

I dunno what everypony's so upset about. I loved Swebow's song. It reminded me of a song I heard on a Yogscast livestream. Swebow and Teep both have such beautiful singing voices. ovO

Anyway, the stream was so much fun and so entertaining. I love interacting with the dev team! ^-^

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Yeah, it was a lot of fun interacting with the dev team especially since a lot of us got some hat ideas written down for the game.  ^-^

I'm just glad I survived the 24 hours though I was slowly passing out near the end trying to keep myself awake.

Yes it was just like teeps singing.  ovO

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