Happy Holidays!

Started by Liska, 2012 Dec 24, 19:41:51

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 o.O errr...... I really don't know  Sorry it's like.... BloomBerg is the only one I could possibly know in that picture soo..... sorry can't help yah's PEACE! lol
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I'm still slightly new here.

So... I have no idea.  ovO

Either way...

Happy Holidays everypony!!

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Spoiler: So I finally get home so I can see this pic since it's too small on my phone, and Sleuth already guesses everypony in it, but i'll ignore his post and see how well i'll do anyways. • show
Back left to right-Killer0585, Perry, Bloomberg, Hirosashii(?), erm....no idea
Front left to right-SweBow,(hmmm, idk, Lawny maybe?..lol), Vector?, Anya with a cool hat, and i'd guess cerebrate?  i'm lost with the last one

Didn't do as good as I thought i'd do, but w/e, games aside, 
Happy Holidays from The Station.


I think I know them all.   8)
tfw your sig is so good that some website put a watermark on it a year later.

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Pinkie Pie... maybe >.<
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Quote from: Whitedusk on 2012 Dec 29, 10:13:00
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Pinkie Pie... maybe >.<

LOL yes. I'm the blue one.  ovO
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I don't know anyone of them  O:

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