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Started by Axegrabber, 2012 Mar 19, 17:39:18

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Do you have a theme song?

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62 (26.6%)
What is a theme song?
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Phoenix dust




Haned tom.

Had to listen to alot of music to find my theme song.
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Basically, any song that makes me want to kill myself in the most brutal way possible.
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You see theme songs can be fickle and can change like the wind with changing moods and emotions. From Heart felt love songs, to Dramatic sorrow-filled song of sadness. Epic scores Of invigorating power to the quite whisper of sound. to each of us they are our own, they mean something to us and In turn invigorate us, empower us to keep fighting. To stand against impossible odds, and to show no fear against the monsters that lurk in our world, and those within.  B)

Though If I had to choose a theme song lets see ...

Because I know I'm never alone  <3 We fight as one! Bronies assemble!

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I've change my mind! ovO

Here is my theme song!

The Wandering Magus

(sorry Bakasan, chose this image)
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Titanium Mushrooms
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Dream Warden

An awe-inspiring song which makes everything you do epic. Even homework. It was hard picking one. but it had to be this one.


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Put your theme song down below. A theme song is a song the describes your OC. a classic song could means that your OC is Fancy, something like that. A rock song Could mean that your OC is Fast/Strong. For example, This is my Theme Song:

Now, Do you Understand? i know that most of Ponies here have it.

Silver Hooves

Well, I guess it would be something like this.


If i had one it would be this song:

That's probably too dark anyway so either this song or something by Enter Shikari

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