Most annoying things in video games

Started by Lord of Madness, 2012 Oct 11, 03:03:12

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Getting Spawn Camped.........May I Say More?
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When you are playing Medic in TF2 and everyone spams MEDIC!

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Probably been mentioned before, but carrying the team in an easy game.

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Nintendo's recent shenanigans in 2018 what more to be said  :]
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If RNG screws you over in chapter 11A in FE6 like me then beg for mercy. That chapter where you get Lilina is pretty annoying if you want all the treasure chests.

For FE7 The bonus chapter were you get Jaffar is pretty annoying.

For FE8 I have to say chapter 9, Ephraims route.


What grinds my gears in gaming, is tenta missles going off frequently in splatoon 2
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The player who wins everything in Mario Party


When you're about to fall asleep but someone walks in and doesn't shut the door.

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Quote from: CandyCookie on 2017 Nov 06, 22:21:55Getting Spawn Camped.........May I Say More?

I feel that, especially in War Thubder.
I mean, who in their right mind would wanna share the same singular half a brain cell that every single spawncamper shares?

Though maybe I'm being a little too harsh.
Spawncamping ruins games, especially when it's not kept under control and it really gets under my skin when people start spawncamping over the course of multiple matches in a row.
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