Greetings, fellow gamers and RPers!

Started by SuperSpaceMan34, 2022 Jun 18, 00:01:23

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2022 Jun 18, 00:01:23 Last Edit: 2022 Jun 19, 00:42:54 by SuperSpaceMan34
I've been quiet for about half a week now and haven't taken the time to post anything, so here we are.

I'm Space, just another person on the interwebz looking for games to play, stuff to do, and maybe even meet someone new and RP, who knows.
I may not be active on these forums much, but I'm on LOE at least once an evening every day(US Central Daylight Time) between 9PM and 12AM in the Amareicas server region.
Chances are I won't be speaking on LOE at my own will, but I'll usually be playing under the name Ariel Blitz, and very rarely Steel Blitz. My apologies if these names happen to be used by one or more individuals, I'm a very late member in any sort of MLP community. Just think of it as a coincidence so no drama occurs.

I don't expect to meet anyone right away, or to meet anyone at all, and that's fine.
I'm mainly just here to be here.

With that out of the way, I wish everyone a wonderful day and/or night.
A friend,
Super Space Man 34

Willing to RP on Discord. You can find me on the LoE official Discord Server.

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