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Started by ScarStorm, 2017 Sep 29, 18:04:33

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Before I go into this, I Would Like it if no one brings up the fact that my OC is a marry Sue. He is not All mighty, He DOES have weakness.

Early Life
As a Foal, Scarstorm Was An excitable Pegasus, Learned to fly sooner than any pony in his entire school.
though most of his other grades were unacceptable, and he failed classes a number of times, He always had a born talent to fly.
When he turned 10, He learned how to protect himself with a wooden sword, given to him and trained by a Earth pony, their one moment, and gone the next, his mentor left him once he was capable of training himself.

Training was his outlet, it helped him vent his frustrations in a more healthy way, and the school even worked with him, Promising him a letter of Recommendation to the royal guard, as long as he took his other studies seriously.

He Got his Cutie mark, A sword and banner.

Scarstorm Managed to get Average grades in his studies, avoiding other ponies, sticking to his studies at school, and training when he was done.
though he kept his end of the deal by his standards, and as much as he tried, the school was not impressed with his low grades, and refused to write the letter promised to him when he was younger.

this did not bother him, in fact, now that his school life was over, he had more time to himself to train in solitude. wandering through the many lands, mending hurt ponies, and escorting weaker ponies from town to town to keep them safe from the baddies that inhabit the lands.

his sleeping habits quickly became twisted, sleeping during the day, and traveling and living his life at night. it was then one day, he was approached by a mailmare, a letter from one of the ponies he helped previously gave a good word to royalty of his deeds, and he was unlisted into the Royal guard.

From there he spent more years climbing to the top of the ranks, and became one of the Right hoof's of the Princess of the night. his profession was so secretive that while he was not by her side, He had to pretend to be in another profession all together, the rank he was in, had no room for failure, or compromise.

The Rise And Fall Of The Knight
Scarstorm had bits, he had strength, and could fly really good, Protecting royalty of Night from multiple assassination attempts, and even Espionage, but the one thing he did not have, was family, or friends, Until He did find love, He married, Got a home together with his wife outside of the kingdom to live in peace and harmony for the rest of his lives.

But he already had an oath to Royalty. Not even Settling down with his love could stop him from serving his duty to the kingdom.
A group of outlaws had planned to attack the kingdom, most the Guards were away on another mission, he couldn't just stay in his cozy little cottage.
Forests burned, fauna was Hunted for game, A great inferno had taken place. all it took was two earth ponies and a unicorn to cause so much damage.
Rushing to the front lines, he Quickly Subdued the first Earth Pony with ease before the other two made it to the kingdoms walls.

the second Earth Pony was much harder to capture, but he stopped it. but something was odd, the unicorn should have breached the wall by now, but it was silent.

with two of the three outlaws caught, he only needed to stop the last before he could go back to his life he grew comfortable with, To Eat the Food his loving wife made, sometimes he enjoyed helping her prepare dinner. or just hear her talk about the many ways she wants her Mane Styled, and he could afford it, He was a royal Guard after all.

after searching the inside of the kingdom, and instructing issue of a martial law for the safety of the ponies inside, the unicorn was still no where to be seen. so he decided to check again, the outskirts of the kingdom, and he smelled burning hay, cloth, black smoke in the sky, as he got closer, his heart beat raced faster, to find his home in flames. rushing in without thinking, he was surrounded by the large flames climbing his walls, taking the sword his mentor gave him when he was a foal, he went deeper into his home, to find his wife, laying in a pool of her own blood, shes been gone for a while now. and he suddenly lost his nerve, the unicorn was still around. with the hilt of his wooden sword clenched tightly with his teeth, and his Blue cloak, picking up flames, he rushed outside, lost it, and once he ran into the unicorn, it was his toughest battle in his life, his emotions unstable, one of his wings was heavily injured, and so was one of his eyes. but after everything...

The royal Guard has no Vacancy for Murderers...

here and now
Scar storm wanders the lands, like before he joined the Royal guard. still carrying his wooden sword, Vowing to protect anypony who considers themselves his friend.
His injuries healed, he does get exhausted from flying, quicker, and cant fly like he use to, really, a shame that such talent was lost. but thats behind him. the burden he carries for failing to protect someone close to him.

He's not really that use to other ponies. but Will gladly accept others as his friends.
And Hopes that one day, he can find redemption.

Misty Fly

what...the?? who said hes a mary sue? hes a great character

Master Masher

you got that right this is any thing but a Mary sue.
Hi master masher. master as in well a master at button mashing. i am a gamer planing on braving youtube as"Master Masher" what ever it comes down to. Still figuring out the kinks with the running LoE and my profile

Nightshade Star

THIS IS ANYTHING BUT A MARY SUE GUARANTEED. Also I love this character and I rlly want to make someone like this

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