What song do you prefer? [I EDITED IT]

Started by Thunder Spin, 2016 Dec 02, 14:38:47

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Thunder Spin

2016 Dec 02, 14:38:47 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 07, 08:59:07 by Thundergirl
Do you like Anime songs (nightcores)?
Do you like songs by those who work in groups?
Do you like songs by those who sing themselves?

                      [shadow=red,left] Actually the groups and the alone singers are the same, I think. [/shadow]
                        Do not put songs that do have some words (I wouldn't like to say, right now), follow the forum rules

Say what is your favourite song is or put the song! (I have to say that you can have two favourite songs or just more than one. If you'd like to, put them in) I have no favourite song... but that one is something I like...

It is way old, I know XD



Are some songs I like. What songs do you prefer/like?

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