The Pony I Want To Be [8-Bit]

Started by Rikifive, 2016 Aug 02, 04:45:44

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Hello everypony! /)

I'm still toying with 8-Bit music and I think I'm slowly making some progress! X3

This time, I want to show you something, that I'm proud of, even though I know it's far away from being perfect. ;)
At least I've tried!  X3

Enjoy!  :D


That is great!

No, seriously, I make 8-bit music, too, and I understand what went into that.

So much so, I kind of want the .ftm file, so I can see how you made some of those effects!  X3

But anyway, here's a sample of my music for you:

All of the songs from Aladdin.
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Aqua Fire

I love it!! Do you think I could use it for my Video game roleplay? I would use it as the background. I'll credit you.
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Seagrass Shoals

Oh my gosh, this is amazing! You did a great job, I wish I had this kind of musical talent! X3

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¡Me gusta! So flippin' beautiful!

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