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Started by MintyChip, 2016 Jul 30, 19:51:40

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I'll be listing some OCs here I've been using the most in the past few years. :> I'm mostly just tossing some simply background together as I rarely make a background for my OCs and just play them and see them evolve as I play them but I'll try to make sense. Sorry if it seems really simplistic or boring or even really out there, I have really creative friends I played with!

I wish I could play them in Legends of Equestria but their design is a little too complicated to be done perfectly. However, I am currently playing one of them!

Name: Minty Chip
Race: Unicorn Pony
Age: 26 (Earth years)
Physical Description: Minty Chip's coat is a light green color, with brown freckles on his cheeks and other places of his body. He has a long brown mane and a brown tail. His eyes are teal. He has strange patterns on his legs that resemble socks. The tips of his hooves are as green as his eyes. His cutie mark is a chocolate brownie with a scoop of mint and chocolate ice cream on top. His horn has a swirled pattern, colored green, brown and black.

Background: Minty Chip is a simple baker pony living in Canterlot. He has accomplished all he ever wanted in his life by simply making other ponies happy by serving them tasty treats. His bakery offers a variety of sweets, from tender cookies to large cakes, but he specialises in mixing the intense flavors of mint with the richness of chocolate.

Spoiler: show

Name: Cherry Doodle
Race: Bat Pony (Unicorn pony in origin and in LoE)
Age: 28 (Earth years)
Physical Description: Cherry's coat is a mix of cherry yellow and cherry red, with red freckles on her cheeks. Her mane and tail are two different tints of red and she has ruby-colored eyes. When filled with powerful emotions, her eyes glow a brighter red/pink. Her hooves look like she stepped into a tub of cherry jelly and it left a permanent mark on her. Her cutie mark is a slice of cherry pie, with some of the filling drizzling down the point. (Bat form): Her wing outlines are yellow like her coat while the leathery membrane is as red as her mane. (Unicorn form): Her horn is a twisted mix of yellow, red and pink, quite reminiscent of candy.

Background: Cherry Doodle was born a unicorn in Canterlot. She had very little friends due to her parents trying to push her towards the culinary arts, developing a talent for baking delicious cherry-flavoured desserts and thus earning her cutie mark. As Cherry reached the age to earn her autonomy, she had other plans. She never wanted the kind of life she was raised into and the destiny that was given to her. She refused to simply be a baker and live a simple life.

On an eventful night, Cherry peered through the sky and noticed ponies she never had the chance to see. Instead of feathery wings, they had leathery wings. Instead of flying through the sunny sky, they were protectors of the night. She always had respect to the ponies making sure the land was safe, was at peace. She always wished she could fly through the sky and look over everypony so they could live a simple life. So she could do more.

In the same night, she dreamt about it. On the following nights, she dreamt she was flying higher and higher. She wanted to serve a higher purpose. This attracted the attention of the Princess of the Night. Luna had quite the plans for her.

((This is all that is important to know for Legends of Equestria. Cherry is a Lunar Guard, travelling with her princess, as playing by my friend in game, to protect her.))

(Enter alternate universe backstory, bat pony arc and just general non-sense. Don't judge, it all happened in roleplay over a year or two xD)

Luna met the desperate pony in her dream. She offered her a place at her side, a place as a personal guard of the Princess, a guardian of the night. Cherry had no idea what the Princess' plans were at the time. Why did she call to her? Why did she offer her something she wouldn't offer other ponies? Why was she so special? It didn't matter. Cherry took the offer in a heartbeat. The next morning, she woke up in the Everfree Forest, in the middle of the night. She tried to use her magic but to no avail. She couldn't use her magic. The yellow mare touched her forehead and couldn't feel her horn. That was also when she realized that her eyes easily adapted to the darkness. She could see what she couldn't see before and she could hear much more than she could before. Timberwolves were howling. Crickets were singing. She was lost and confused and yet she had the means to adapt to this situation. Not that she had much experience in survival situations. The sky was dark but soon the clouds would part and the moonlight would shine down into the trees. She could feel her wings, she could feel the itch to fly and yet she couldn't take off. She did not know how. A sense of dread washed over her as the forest grew quiet. She was alone, in a dangerous situation, without her magic, without the means to use her new features... She felt alone and powerless.

The forest grew quiet as she waited for the night to pass. Her ears perked up as she heard something. Or rather, she couldn't hear anything as everything grew quiet but the breath of timberwolves. She could hear a pack nearby and made a wild dash in the opposite direction as they gave chase. Cherry found herself nearing the edge of a hill overlooking an old castle, the wolves hot on her tail. She made the decision to jump. She had no other option. Her wings opened as a reflex, slowing down her descent as she hovered toward the castle. The was finally safe from the dangers of the forest.

The castle wasn't in the most reputable of states but it would offer her a shelter from the elements and from the creatures lurking outside. Inside the old throne room, she would find a shadowy figure sitting on one of the thrones. At first, she was filled with fear, thinking she wasn't safe after all only for the figure to reveal itself as Luna, who had been expecting her. This was but some sort of twisted test that the Princess put her through to test her current abilities.

And thus began her long years of training to become Luna's protégée.

((And that will be all for now. Everything afterward is a work in progress that is currently being roleplayed with my friend playing as Luna with a hint of Nightmare Moon into it. :P))

Spoiler: show

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