Brony musician discussion thread.

Started by Sweet Brew, 2015 Sep 02, 23:52:17

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Sweet Brew

[shadow=grey,left]Welcome to the Brony musician discussion![/shadow]

As the name states this thread is for discussing your favorite brony musicians.
Why do you like them? What's your favorite thing they did?
All that jazz.

So my personal favorite would be FritzyBeat, Chi-Chi, and Woodlore.
While my all time favorite would be Turquoise Splash.

My favorite songs they made would have to be...
Counting Sheep (Collab: Turquoise Splash/couple others helped)
Sinking Ships (Cover/Collab: FritzyBeat/Thunder)
I've got you (Collab: Chi-Chi/Turquoise Splash)

and a few more that I'm not going to fill this up with.
I like Turquoise Splash's music 'cause I love acoustic stuff and his voice is phenomenal.
I like FritzyBeat 'cause of his diversity, he does a lot of different stuff.

What about you pones? :3


Sinking Ships is one of my favorite songs too, but I haven't really gotten into any of FritzyBeat's other music. Never heard of Turquoise Splash before, pretty good. That third song reminds me of a really good fanfic I read about Mr. and Mrs. Cake's life.

Anyway, I'd list Aviators and AllLevelsAtOnce with my favorite artists, but all their songs I like the best aren't pony songs. So instead I'll say Tarby, BlackGryph0n & Baasik, AcoustiMandoBrony, and probably my absolute favorite being Ponyphonic.

Ponyphonic has released very few songs but they're all amazingly put together. My favorite among them being Harmony Ascendant. It's like an epic fantasy saga and/or origin story in a six minute song.

Tarby doesn't seem to be quite as good live as he is in a studio, but I like him anyway. He covers some rock genres I like that no one else seems to be doing, at least not nearly as well in my opinion. The songs I like best of his are Nightmare Moon and The Night Will Last Forever. One embodies the character really well and the other is a fun reinterpretation the infamous line.

BlackGryph0n and Baasik have great vocals, instrumentals, and some cool mixing effects in their songs. It took a while to narrow down but I think my favorites are Quest (This Can't Be All) and Faster Than You Know.

Finally as for AcoustiMandoBrony, My favorites would be Loyalty and Kindness. Even though Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are really not my favorites, they nailed those two songs. I also really like A Long Way From Equestria. It reminds me of Journey's Don't Stop Believing with the male and female characters and the general tone.

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