Legends of Equestria Soundtrack?

Started by Vapid Pixel, 2015 Aug 26, 15:36:42

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Vapid Pixel

The Open Server event this August was my first delve into Legends of Equestria, and while the whole game was amazing, I took particular liking to the music.  I've found some of the music around the internet, on places such as LoE's YouTube channel, but I was wondering if the soundtrack from the game could be found in one place somewhere?  I'd love to get MP3s of the game music to take with me wherever I go. Listening to music of games past is something I greatly enjoy, as it always takes me back to the virtual lands I explored.  ^-^ 
I was just curious if anyone knew anything on the topic.  By the way, if anyone on the development team sees this, I would gladly pay for a soundtrack of your game!  I don't know if you had plans to release the soundtrack upon the game's completion or not, but it's something I'd personally be happy to see! 

Cyan Spark

The Legends of Equestria wiki has documented almost all the soundtracks used in-game on locations pages. I'd post the YouTube links here directly, but it's pretty inconvenient to do it on mobile, sorry X3

Vapid Pixel

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Ya know, I did glance at the wiki in my search for the soundtrack, yet failed to notice those links on the "Locations" pages... Derp haha  :P But thank you for pointing that out to me!  Now I have the whole soundtrack in one place on YouTube!   ^-^
I do still hope to see a downloadable/purchasable soundtrack released by LoE's Dev Team once the game is complete (not all of the composers have their contributions to LoE's soundtrack available; a problem that spurred me to post my original inquiry), but that's just nit-picking at this point.  Lol!  I'm just happy to have found all the music I heard in the game (and then some!) in one place!  Thanks again Cyan Spark for letting me know! 


I think the piano on the Cantermore night music is really well played, I think it would be quite essential to have a little more of that if one or two new maps are to be in the next open server.  :D

Vapid Pixel

Agreed, that song has some beautiful piano work.  Serenity, the song that plays in Cloudopolis at night, is probably my favorite tune out of them all.  It's so peaceful...  <3
The whole soundtrack was pretty sweet though (as if that wasn't apparent enough by my starting this thread haha!). I get chills of nostalgia just listening to this game's music.  Kinda funny how I have such nostalgic feelings for a game I spent a mere weekend playing.  Guess I just got really into it.  :P 


You know, I was thinking, if there was to be a mountain map being implemented at some point, would some calm and beautiful violin and xylophone kind of music with some gusts of wind added fit in with it at all?

Vapid Pixel

That could potentially work.  I personally feel the violin (well, orchestral strings in general) has a lovely sound when played well, so I'd be all for a piece featuring a violin (or other strings).  But based on what I've heard in game thus far, I'm certain that if the musicians need to create background music for a mountain setting, they will not disappoint!  <3

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