August Open Server Weekend Feedback Thread!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 16, 14:08:37

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2015 Aug 17, 02:44:55 #40 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 02:47:35 by mizumo
First of all I want to say that you did a great job building a big world, since I even got lost couple of times. So that is a good thing. Now onto complains:

-pony that gives you pet after you finish the quest still had ! over her head, but there was no quest you could take anymore;
-journal does not work. No quests are displaying so you can't follow your progress;
-would be great to add skill explanation on hover or right mouse button;
-Battle need some indications of hits other than visual decrease of hp. Some sound effect maybe or a stun effect.
-night time is too dark to see things. Had to enter /time 8 command.

Quote from: Ruxify on 2015 Aug 16, 18:18:45
2. Chatting is a pain in the neck for me, as I have to force myself to pay attention to see if the ponies I'm talking to are saying anything or not. Perhaps you can instead surround their text in bubbles around their head that makes a noise, that way I know exactly when they send a message so I know to stop looking around the environment and instead look at them.

Also, this


Quote from: mizumo on 2015 Aug 17, 02:44:55
-Battle need some indications of hits other than visual decrease of hp. Some sound effect maybe or a stun effect.

Pursuiting monsters must be hearable or  visible partially. And very helpful will be shortcut key, what select shortly that monster, what attack you.
Quote from: mizumo on 2015 Aug 17, 02:44:55
-night time is too dark to see things. Had to enter /time 8 command.
Also, this

Unicorns need that horn light function, what every unicorn can do in cartoon.

And how works "Local" chat?

Helpful may be that type of chatroom, what works only.. in 20 meters of radius like real speaking and shouting. Your text appear only on those ponies chat window, who are inside that radius.
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"what else you'd like to see"
Sorry that had to pop up in my mind instantly :D
Yeah some sort of combined hug emotes is the only thing this game still needs in my opinion. Other than that... the game is pretty much perfect! I mean sure there's still lags and bugs... but we can overlook that very easily ^^

There were MASSIVE improvements since the previous times, notably way fewer disconnections and lag. And of course, my favorite feature of the game being back, music playback at SCC! AND there were even live gigs, and a lot!! I can't express with words just how much gratitude I feel for that. Hopefully later when the game gets released, DJs could use to hang around in the game at SCC too and it would be wonderful to get the equivalent of real raves and gigs on an everyday basis :D As if this game couldn't become even more of a Heaven for me!

So yeah hug emotes. lol
Like... one players triggers it by right-clicking on a pony and selecting "Hug"... and if that pony is within the radius... then they get a notification popup asking them to confirm... and if they do, then the game takes control over the two players temporarily, and make them do a hug animation with maybe a close-up and a custom camera view...
Please devs, make that happen! And let me know if I can help, I'm a C# dev myself! (applied two times already by the way)

Keep up the great work, you guys rock!!
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Loved it though the battle system should really be  turn based. The quest book needs to be implemented as my (and I'm sure everypony else)'s memory is either bad or like to multi task like me. Chatting with NPC's is broken too. After receiving General something's speech I tried to give it to Lietenant Snipe just to be frozen in space and the same thing happen if I tried again. And after I messed up Guizhufe's request for a cherry pie with an apple pie, he refused to take an apple pie so I couldn't complete the quest. Other than that this was the best MLP game I've ever played. Can't wait for more to be made. Also are we getting a release date on the next time it'll be open?
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I know it's unlikely you will add it, because I feel I may be a very small minority, but I'd really appreciate an added option to be able to turn off the ability to see clothing items on ponies.
I think ponies look their best without any additions. Still, the hats are nice.
Might also be good to get better screenshots of a pony covered by items.

Well, regardless of that, I still love the game, thank you so much for making such a wonderful experience!  ^-^

Yay for LoE!!
Hello!  </)>


I guess, it was okay... Scratch that, it was 11/10!
Stable servers, lots of players, community events! Can't wait to see you all again! X3


Hello there LoE staff members or Ellowee. Here's a screenshot of me with Cloudpolis behind me  ^-^


Alright, here I am with my rabbit

My suggestion would be that some pets could ride on our backs, so when we run we don't constantly leave them in the dust and have them come out of our back hooves later.


Another great Open Server Weekend on my end, though a few restarts were needed to talk to NPCs. Found it a bit strange that some Ponydale houses could be walked through, while others couldn't. Didn't explore too much of Cantermore, probably should have. Never got around to Cloudopolis. The main interestng thing I found were the guards patroling the towns. Although I couldn't exactly talk to them, but I imagine they'll have dialogue in a future version. The leveling system seemed to work like a charm. I'm not sure if quests give bits as rewards for completing them, general rule of thumb is that they should, but I guess for now they don't till bigger things in-game are out of the way. Didn't get to combat or the Evershade, though from the looks of it, I'm not missing out on much, yet. But overall it was a good time to goof off with existing and new friends and try to navigate wit only a tiny map X3 But I was able to get a video of one of the dance parties.

Still didn't find Fluffle Puff though.

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I know one thing I'd love to have fixed: The incredibly annoying lag. It's also what got me kil--err, DEALT WITH (EG FTW), not just my probably bad combat skills.


Needs more dragons :P

Quite great experience with every new OSW, but I still want my rabbit egg as pegasus :(

Thrasher Dash

-I love the battling system :D
-Maybe add Bat Ponies,and maybe Butterfly Ponies as well(The wings Rarity had in Sonic Rainboom)
Thats it!
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All the new features were quite a sight. Every single one was implemented well (albeit there are still some issues new and old in this game). :)

Really awesome that what was mentioned at BabsCon about the experience system turned out to be true. This game's in Alpha now.   :o

This is also the first time I'm not using my ancient Windows XP desktop as it still has problems with the game. Most of those problems were removed after using a non-gaming Windows 8 laptop. I'm surprised as to what can run this game. As a result, this made the gaming experience stable (never got crash logs while playing on this laptop--a first time ever).  :D

Overall, this one was the best Open Server Weekend I have ever played.


first time im playing and i had a blast this was really fun but some stuff like the problem with the houses and the book really need to be fixed  :I still i really had fun can not wait for the next event and here is a shoot out to someponies i meet this weekend:skylight eon thanks for your help when we meet you were my first friend there and i really appreciate it  ^-^ ,skeetle lambert dude you hanged out a lot with me and also grinded with me i really had fun with you  :D ,haxterio y equinox fueron unos de los pocos q hablaban español y me dejaron ayudarles fue un placer conocerlos ojala y se divertieran tanto  como yo  :3 ,there is also a lot more of ponies i meet and want to thank but i cant remember all of you sorry so everypony hope you had as much fun as i did lets meet again in the next open server and if you see this contact me to stay in touch  0:)


Just wanted to say a few things,

Since Loe first opened for Open Server weekend. i have made soo many friends these past osw. Everone o. Loe feels like family to me. i really really love the Staff member on Loe they are the most kindest people i have ever met ^°^. And im glad to be part of the Loe community and the brony community. And. Thank u to Everyone at Loe, For making such a wonderful game.

i love You Guys all <3

  i hate when Loe OSW ends it hurts too say goodby :(
But until next open server weekend i will see yea all


2015 Aug 17, 16:09:00 #56 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 16:25:53 by aostai
Some ideas from prior MMO experience. I haven't read this thread.

Appearance items vs stats.
Given this MMO is a socially focused game rather than PVP, it might be a good idea to get an appearance system in place, where you can wear the stated clothing necessary for combat while still retaining the appearance the player desires. An example of this can be founding Star Wars Galaxies. An alternative to this if the visual que of the armor is still needed, some sort of quick switch for gear would suffice too; allowing ponies to easily reassume their non-combat decoration when not in combat, but switch into their armor when necessary. (This transition could even be triggered on the fly by combat, and be a toggleable option)

Thank you for adding a cast shadow system! It really helps to ground the world, and it looks better. My only comment on it is it might look cool/better if light sources in the world also caused shadow casting. Such as the lantern a pony can hold and the lights in towns.

Also, there's a weird bug happening I presume with light maps? (IDK, im not much of a game dev) It's showing up as large shaded spots in the over world and they flutter about when in motion. you can see it in the image below.

i've been seeing this sense you transitioned to Unity 5.

auto firing emots could be a fun thing too, it will help liven up the visual cues from chats if everyone's making little animations instead of idling the same. this was a huge boon for RP back when i used to play other MMO's.

Chat "bubbles" still go off screen when they are long. might want to add a wrap point to them, it will help with legibility tremendously.

Thank you for making this game! I've been enjoying what little time in it i do get!


I have 2 suggestion: Please add in the future uptades custom server option and a singleplayer option( if this possible  :P)


First of all: This game is awesome! You guys did an amazing job already, and I am sooo looking forward to the next osw! :D

All the stuff I noticed has already been said, except for one thing:
I don't know what it was, but I was not able to travel from anywhere to Ponydale. Everytime I tried
my game crashed. No idea if it was just my computer or the game, but because of this I was not able
to do a lot of stuff.. :c

And there is only one suggestion I have right now:
Could you make the pets move faster? I know it might look strange with their animation and stuff, but
I think it would be great to have your pet always by your side ^-^


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