August Open Server Weekend Feedback Thread!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 16, 14:08:37

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Im gonna have to say this has been my best OSW so far.
The improvements and new stuff added into the game are awsome and meeting new peo- ponies (oops, close one X3) was super fun.
And then to top it all off some hide and seek with Ellowee  :3
Thanks for the awsome weekend


Quote from: sphynn on 2015 Aug 16, 20:19:25
I think the #1 request I have is for a "nudge" command to get unstuck from furniture, etc.  It can be quite frustrating to get too close to a wardrobe, mixing bowl machine, etc., and get permanently stuck.  Sometimes re-logging and changing one's size will force oneself out of the object.

You mean u never thought asking on chat... use /stuck

Now with the feedback  0:)

#1 The headsets, would be awesome if u could integrate some sort of light music player like aimp3 to tunne up radios or ur own music library on those headsets

#2 Colorblind mode, I never tell people about this because it's kind of embarrassing (specially in a technicolor world), but had some troubles while creating my pony, ended up randomizing (I still liked the result :D)

#3 Controls: mouse sensitivity, redefine keys, the classics, but found out that the game has some issues when it comes to multimedia keyboards with too many keys.

#4 Clipping houses, some roads and some trees but tbh only noticed without paying attention on the houses

#5 Free look, saw in the controls menu that pressing alt would let u do that, and well it doesn't, but it would be very useful if you guys could copy the Arma2/3 system of free looking (double tap alt and u can free look without pressing any other key, while pressing alt once u could watch around pressing the right mouse button)

#6 Launcher: Needs more info like game version, folder browser (pics), server status, forum link just to name the ones that comes to my mind right now

#7 Fonts: Chat fonts are nice, but found kind of hard to read, it would be cool if players could personalize the fonts type, size and color, including the floating ones above everyone heads

#8 Shadows, maybe this is just me, but whenever I fly I use the shadows to estimate where I am, but even at /time 12 shadows have an angle that goes like 60ยบ away, so basically I've tasted the materials of most places I've flied, luckily fall damage doesn't exist yet  X3

Anyway I've loved this days, best time I had in a long time, thx LoE team


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This was my first OSW and it. Was. AWESOME! We broke a lot of "academy records" with those parties and hit 500+ ponies! I met a lot of super nice (and crazy  ovO) ponies and I'm super sad it's almost over.  D: But I'm glad I spent all my time partying with all you crazy ponies lol

Being a pegasus, I tried to land on rooftops and usually fell right through them.  X3

Some minor dialogue glitches, like when I tried to talk to Flan the last two responses turned into blue boxes that I couldn't click. >:O

Just a question, would it be possible to customize clothing items like socks or goggles? 0:)


The one big problem i keep having is that i keep getting stuck when i am next to walls and have to keep using the /stuck command. that and i keep running through houses for some reason


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Quote from: GreenTab on 2015 Aug 16, 21:27:11

#2 Colorblind mode, I never tell people about this because it's kind of embarrassing (specially in a technicolor world), but had some troubles while creating my pony, ended up randomizing (I still liked the result :D)

i second this. it's kind of frustrating to not be able to properly recognize colors when you need it (like character creation. i still don't know if the color of my pony's fur is green or yellow...).

also if i'm not wrong thanks to the time zones, OSW just ended 2 minutes ago. really enjoyed it.


Loved it aside from the fact I coulnt enter the EverShade due to not being able to enter ponyville  as a unicorn or pegasus same for the Crystal Kingdom.
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Log book, quest markers (not super specific, like Skyrim, but knowing to go to a general area would be nice), having the world not be in eternal night unless there's a plot I'm not aware of, a main quest line would be nice (kind of got bored aimlessly wandering around), lights on the directional signs perhaps a more intuitive camera (right click or something?). Other than that, cool. I love the idea of this game and it was fun to see my OC interact with the open world. :)


I have to extend great kudos to you all, the stats system was solid and something that I've been looking forward to for a while. Server stability was excellent, I suffered no problems during my whole time playing. Great OSW, see you all on the next one!

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I didn't get to play much of this game sadly (busy weekend), but what I did get to play was amazing! The game is coming along splendidly and the end party made me happy :D and  D: sad. Just keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you guys will make a fantastic game for everyone to play. Can't wait to play it again and thank you for making this for this awesome community! :D


We had all the fun with in LOE now to say goodbye and await another OSW! cant wait till it comes out again
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I loved the game a lot. It was my first time playing and it was awesomeeee. I do have to put up some issues though..

First off, when I tried to use my combat it wouldn't do the action until 4-5 minutes after I hit the action I wanted to use. Second, the journal wouldn't tell me anything. It didn't tell me any notes, quests, or notifications I received. Third, I would end up flying through buildings. Fourth, I had a hard time finding where I need to go next for quests. You probably should put in an arrow for the player to follow so they can get to the next destination.  Fifth, I wanted to get a pet but I didn't know how. Apparently you need to do quests. You probably should make an easier way to get pets. Sixth, I was doing a quest where I had to deliver some things to about 4 NPC's. When I went to look for one, he wasn't in his usual spot. And this NPC was in Ponydale and his name is Buck. I couldn't find him on his bridge.

That is all, but I loved playing this weekend and I can't wait till the game's full release. :)



Awesome OSW! Loading times were a lot faster. I'm still hoping to see features for in-game friends, like an icon above their player.

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Quote from: DancingTide on 2015 Aug 16, 23:49:12
having the world not be in eternal night unless there's a plot I'm not aware of
there was a command for that. :P /time followed by a number, from 0 to 24

alright so the OSW is over and i'm pretty sure i got the last message in, at least in Ponydale (see signature!) and the only other things i could really suggest are... stairs. i had a very hard time using them. i dunno if that's just me, or. and i don't know if i mentioned this in the other post (i probably did actually) but i, and some others, noted that the lighting on some of the characters is pretty odd. my OC is dark red, and he appeared almost gray at points.

edit: oh, and a note for copyright reasons: the one NPC in Cloudopolis (can't remember his name, it was only one word though) refers to Cloudopolis as "Cloudsdale".
<-- August 2015! not sure if it was "globally" the last message, but still!


I absolutely loved this game! I had so much fun! It is a great way to expand role-play/ creativity online for all those who love ponies and want to have their own experience in the pony world. I thought this was such a great thing for the brony community, and the only problems I saw were a few glitches with quests, such as Hullabaloo's headphone/cookie quest. Wayward did not have the necessary dialogue for the mission. I also noticed a few glitches with buildings and balconies in Cantermore and Cloudopolis, a few clipping issues and flying through buildings. This game is beautifully made and I certainly hope the servers open more often until the game's so-called completion. I know it will never be truly complete, but I certainly await the day eagerly when we can play any time we like! I look forward to new lands, more quests, and more options for making OCs! I am being honest when I say that this game is certainly one of the best games I've ever played, including console games.
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This Open Server Weekend was a huge improvement from Aprils, I only had 1 or 2 server crash outs this time. Though I did still get quite a few of the bird-eye view freezes. After completing the Headphone and Dog Egg quests I couldn't really find many quests after that to complete besides the 1 fetch quest. The server held very well to the 500 ponies in one area part.

One major issue I noticed is still there, the pony eye colors are extremely dull... even if you choose a bright color, idk if this is because my pony was an import or not.

A few items still clip through the ponies but it is not too distracting. Attempting to jump up onto a table though forward was very difficult due to how fast forward your character goes, thanks for backwards not being as fast
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This felt like a finished game.  There was plenty to do and lots to see.  However, I seriously want to see a working friends/party/herd system, and no part of the journal worked for me.  Notifications worked ok, but accepting friend requests was buggy and I would like for that to be more reliable, given that as an RPG meeting friends would be pretty important.  Otherwise, the graphics were great and the game was playable and enjoyable for the most part.  Honestly my favorite thing about the whole experience was simply walking around as a pony doing things in pony places, and you really delivered on that.


Good job folks! This is only my second QSW. I was in an early one many, many moons ago. I could tell much work has been done. This build is much more playable. I noticed I'd get stuck to buildings/walls often. The stuck command helps but it was happening much to often and getting annoying. Also, is there any player help/documentation? If not I'd be happy to volunteer to help write some up.

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The emotes bar having click buttons would be nice. I didn't even realize you could scroll through it AFTER the event.

Also, Iron armor helmet clips through the mane.

Some other suggestions:
1)Make a click-guide thing whenever someone first launches the game, explaining to them the GUI. It'll be more helpful than getting the new user go read the wiki.

2)Shopping is bugged. I bought 16 (!!) Pairs of golden boots as I couldn't see them in my inventory.

3)The book thing. While probably useful in the future, it's useless as all the pages are blank. (Other than that 1 friend slot)

4)The friend slot: buggy, very. Adding a new friend seems to remove my precious friend and so on. A way to insta-join your friend's location and instance would be nice too.

6)Map. It is too tiny to be of any use. A way to adjust it's size would be nice. Or get book-map working


8)Evershade forest: the sky textures are glitched. Looking at them causes some major weirdness.

Overall, it's an amazing game!
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i seem too have a glich where no matter where i go or what i do i can never get into ponydale if you could fix that by th next time the servers are open it would be nice  ovO 0:)


I'd love at least the ability to discard my items on the go instead of having to go all the way back to a vendor pony to sell them once my inventory's full. Like I want to be able to discard items that aren't worth a lot of bits, so i can at least fill the rest of my inventory with items that are worth more before going back to sell them. :u

Also please please PLEASE let us able to scroll through the chat box with the mouse wheel! It's so annoying to scroll up via dragging >.>

Oh and, this is minor, but the cel shading looks really odd on the male pony models... ech
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