Legends of Equestria is Now Open!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 14, 00:01:30

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It's not working for me annoying errors why ;-;


how do i get on the game after i download the file? ive been trying for hours and i really wanna play this game D:


There's an issue for me as well, with the Linux Variant not seeming to be set-up properly to be run. It has the x86 and x86_64 executables, but neither load up the game.




is it normal to fly because of a bush?  :o 'cause i did...


Can you get the game to be full screen?


Yes, the game menu at the beginning, go to: Settings > Video> While fighting, select "Fullscreen"> Click on "Apply"
Here is ! :]


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Finally loading it up! I'll be on Equus or Griffonia as Holly Leaf, White Coat Green Mane. Heading towards SCC, currently in Cloudopolis, for those who want to see me in-game.


Im trying to play the game but its telling me i need to update but my launcher is telling me that its up to date some pony help me please. ono


The servers are now closed until the next OSW!  Please watch for further updates on events and development updates!

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