Legends of Equestria is Now Open!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 14, 00:01:30

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2015 Aug 14, 00:01:30 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 16:23:39 by LaptopBrony
Hello Everypony!

The Legends of Equestria Servers are now open to the public for testing! Lets have some fun and remember to take a lot of pictures!

Servers are now closed as the OSW is now over.  Thank you for playing!


im so happy to be on this game right now im so glad this game is real :D
Love peace and care even friendship <3


Keep an eye out for Nightshimmer Eclipse!

This day is going to be perfect!


Woohooo! Let the ponies commence!  :D

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Now if I could only get past the after character creation loading screen,
it just hangs forever.


Gah! It's not working for me! It's loaded everything on the server list sans Recipes...


And I stupidly trying to install Legends of Equestria again .

Dark Silvergun

The game continually crashes this PC's display driver over and over,
it does recover, but it happens every few seconds.

I guess that newer version of unity the game is attached to is now too advanced for this computer to run properly.


I'm literally trying to keep still, I'm so excited. It is really open for a while? Yay!!!  ^-^  ^-^  ^-^


I stood up all night just to play the game! Had fun, will play again later  :3

I am a web developer


still at work, can't wait to be home, 3 hours from now, to launch the game i downloaded last night :)



I'm glad that it's finally open, but I'm having an issue; Every time I attempt to log in, it starts to downolad stuff and yes, I did try deleting the data, but it barely does anything.
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After many months of waiting, finally a new one & now seeing this whole announcement of the "changelog", I see that will be a great new experience in LoE. I hope to have fun a lot, even, with ponies that I do not know & that those who already know, want to come with me.

Let's go everypony!


I'm new to all this, so hopefully I can eventually find where the server is and how to actually play, as of now all I can find are the forums.  :s


it won't get past downloading everything and I keep getting "error" on "recipes" :/


The game is awesome, you guys are doing a wonderful job and hugs to you all.  :D
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2015 Aug 15, 07:38:45 #17 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 15, 07:52:33 by kaylyn
Gees, whatever you fillies and gentlecolts have done, its wonderful,  O: it seems there is no lag (latency) im only on dsl btw, Im very derpy when it comes to the  w,a,s,d keys for movement. :P maybe if I had a joystick lol.

I crashed out at the train station trying to teleport to apple acres I think it was, the teleport behind the train anyway if it wasn't.

:D :D :D

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AND.. I justlove those ponydale guards... It took me a while to work out that they were NPC'S. :D


My feedback:

The game is fantastic, but my PC can't even last 30 minutes of it
I'd recommend more cutie mark options, specifically dinosaur and paleontology related ones
I like dinosaurs and MLP, so don't act surprised if you see a project by me which involves the two



Yep I can confirm that NONE of the ponydale teleports (except for the mines teleport) are working.
Those diamond dogs in the mines are so scary my pony fainted lol. lol

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