The Sad Inspiration Rap

Started by Azazial M. Rodriquez, 2015 Aug 10, 21:26:29

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Azazial M. Rodriquez

No it's not enough
sometimes life is
just a bust
cheatin the rest of us
throwin stones at our faces
some many pleasant places
with so many races
can you see her cryin
sayin theres no point in lyin
as she fakes her smilin
just to keep it all in...

so...let it in
the day is callin over
the night is stallin
doesn't matter now
so let's all fall in
boots on the ground as he carries his gun
his office is in the battlefield under the sun
he's hardwired to fight even though he's young
as the Sargent say's welcome to the army son.
tears stream down his face
as he's fightin another race
as he keeps his pace
for the promise of a welcome home............
(hey hit me back if you like this I need more ideas message me)

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