GalaCon 2015 & the Next Open Server Event

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jul 09, 16:22:49

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Sorry i  know its alot of colors.... :(  D: ono

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Say I if u wanna Meet up in the weekend! We`ll fight dragons,Dance,Play hide and seek and make friends!!
I will be my Klondike Bar Pony And My Kitkat pony and my mint chocolate chip Pony On the first day!! :D


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Hey everypony, check this out. Guillaumedk uploaded a video featuring LoE's panel at Galacon.

It's pretty cool, they showed the PvP zone, talked a little about leveling up, I think they mentioned something about the marks, the quests, the items.

PS: he also uploaded other videos covering different events of Galacon.


I can wait >:O
Its sooo close !! omg !!! ovO
I realy cant wait :3

why time is soo slow?! DD:

anyway X3 see ya on serwer weekend  ^-^
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Killing DRAGONS is my game


Because my internet is sucky, I am wondering if the game will be up for download tonight?
Oof it's been too long


Super duper excited! OSW is in two days!
See you all there! (Update: I'll be Cherry Sweet, Sweet Skittle, or Black Starlight. I'll also be recording that event.)
I can't wait to do all the fun things!
But after the OSW ends I'll be crying for ages.
It's not over yet, and I'm really excited to meet you all! :3
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Little Star

I'm so excited to play with everyone this time! Should be tons of fun! <3


Oh, well i'm glad i checked back on LoE finally, Heh.

O. Vannen

How many are checking out the LoE Wikia page for quests? I'm makin' mah list tonight!!


I might wana come in this time, it's been a long time since I did  :D

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