GalaCon 2015 & the Next Open Server Event

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jul 09, 16:22:49

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2015 Jul 09, 16:22:49 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 12, 23:27:37 by Ellowee

Hello, everyone!

We're excited to announce that we're hosting a panel at Galacon 2015!

Taking place from August 1-2 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, you'll be able to see some of our team members showcasing the biggest updates coming to Legends of Equestria while discussing the work that goes into creating a game of this scope.
To learn more about GalaCon, check out their site at!

But that's not all! We'll also have our very own table at the GalaCon games room, where you can stop by at any point throughout the convention and check the game out for yourself!

Not attending GalaCon? No problem, because from August 14-16 we're opening the servers so anyone can come online and see how Legends of Equestria has changed and improved!

We hope to see you soon, whether it's at GalaCon or in LoE itself!

Downloads are now up!

Princess Oliver

Very much looking forward to playing with everyone and meeting you all at Galacon!
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That's wonderful to hear!  I hope no one screws up the feed this time. >:O



I'll be sure to spread the word!


Yes!  I missed the other two now I can finally get to play on one.

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Oh goodie.

I wonder if I'll be able to participate this time...?

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Any time frame as to when the server will be open permanently...or at least on regular intervals..

Seriously, the game looks quite ready for use. I have played a few other games (Last Moon, Feral Heart, Impressive World) all those were pretty much in beta but open acces for a few years(Last moon still is). And those still have lots of issues. BUt L.O.E....i neve rhad a single issues with.

Really looking forward to having it up for good. (or maybe have a local server option or Single player campaign or free play mode??)


I knew it was coming in August (although I was expecting days 1-2)
Hype is real, hope someone records it this time so I can have my LoE content fix until the OSW.


Blitz Freeman

Wooo! Haha! Yes!

Very much looking forward to joining you all in the land of Magic Horses. The date is a bit off for me, but I will find a way! See you all there.

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Ohooooooo! So the time has finally come!

Rise & Shine, LoE Ponies! For we should answer this call!

Come on! Let's gather around and make this one a tale to remember!  ^-^

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I'm so happy to see this finally being announced! I'm super duper excited! :3

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I'm excited too!  Since i'm not going to be working that month you guys will see a whole lot more Darcy!

That, of course, hoping my parents' internet can handle LoE.  It's almost worse than dial-up.  I wish I was exaggerating...
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compared to my own now...

fingers crossed!

Moon princess

Feel the hype I'm gunna be there and hope to see my friends from the last OSW ^-^ even make new ones :3


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