Legends of Equestria at Everfree Northwest 2015!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 May 22, 15:22:38

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We're happy to announce that members of the Legends of Equestria team are coming to Everfree Northwest 2015!

You'll find us in the Horizon room from 14:45-15:45 on Sunday, May 31! We'll answer questions, show off some of our newest features and generally have a fun time!

The convention, now in its fourth year, will be held in the Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel & Conference Center from May 29-31. Head over to their site for more information! https://everfreenw.com/

Hope to see you there!


I'm not from Seattle and i can't be there :c . Sorry :s. But i try to play :D! Sorry i don't speak english very better.  :I


ces vraiment la période des convention entre sa et la PonySouht
these really the period of agreement between her and PonySouhtthese really the period of agreement between her and PonySouht
le temps et l'espace ne possède pas de fin


That's awesome, but database seems to be... worldwide, well actually the fandom is worldwide, live streaming could solve that :P

Also almost 10 years of google translate and still sucks  :o


Does this mean that the servers are open now? I completely missed the last one, even though I check every Friday to see if they open or not. Last time...

"I was not prepared for this..." :/

Also, exactly WHEN do they open each month? I get confused with this question, and I would like an understandable answer.


The servers are not open and it will take a lot of time before they'll be permanently open since there's still a lot of work to do in the game. Just to make you understand, we are still in pre-alpha stage, which means that we are not even at the alpha yet, so yeah, lots of work.

Regarding when they'll be open, we don't know. We don't plan a date for the stress test but a date that is decided after there was a bit of improvement in the game. In this you, other playing the game, you can test it, and we can see if there's something wrong that needs to be fixed so we can improve.
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the next planned open server weekend is in August, more specifically, August 8th - 10th
I'll definitely be here when that open server weekend hits.


Quote from: atarumenchi on 2015 May 23, 18:27:20
the next planned open server weekend is in August, more specifically, August 8th - 10th
I'll definitely be here when that open server weekend hits.

No, that was last year, 2014.
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I actally heard there was in june or july...in 2014  X3


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Quote from: RadiantShine on 2015 May 24, 07:07:18
I actally heard there was in june or july...in 2014  X3

Well, the Wikia has a page for OSEs, and it reports that there were April and August OSEs in 2014 (plus January and a one-day in December).

(EDIT: Corrected year.)
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 DD: when will i be abble to download the game iv been whiting for a reply


Guys, OSEs do not follow a set schedule.  We have them primarily for testing newly implemented features.

If an OSE is planned to occur a new thread will be made in the news section.  Unless that occurs do NOT assume there is an upcoming event and don't spread rumors about there being one unless the team makes an official post.

Thank you.



I have been wondering, will this panel at Everfree Northwest be available for nonatendees Live? Since I can't make it to Seattle and from my city I'll probably miss the first half anyways will it be available somewhere in LoE's youtube or facebook?


Depending on if the panel is recorded, the video will be posted here at some point.

Usually if our panels are recorded someone will find the video and post it here on the forums

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I do hope that a video was made of the LoE panel... would be nice to hear about some of the upcoming features of the LoE game.  :)


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I think if nothing will go wrong Poniville Live team will record the panel and upload it to their YouTube channel like they did last year. And maybe they will even stream it on their Livestream channel, but I'm not sure about it, cause Everfree Northwest has a very busy schedule with a lot of things happening at the same time.


I wish I could go! I hope someone does record it so I can watch  ^-^
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Pardon, but I'll be visiting on Friday...


Is LoE in America? If it is, I can't join   ono because where I am, it's gonna be at midnight ;-;

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