tis poem is full of moosic~

Started by Kelvin, 2015 Apr 23, 06:03:15

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tis poem is written by me~
comment down there and tell me wat u think~ :3c

I want to play a Canon for you, because your heart is flowing the sad Chaconne.
I want to sing the calming Lullaby for you, because your heart is reverberating the Elegy.
I want to dance the Blue Danube Waltz for you, because you are lingering to the sad Tango.
I want to conduct the Fate Symphony for you, because your heart is hesitate the Gloomy Sunday.

The Morning is arrived, wish your heart always bright like the Rising Sun.
The Night is falling, wish you have a beautiful Dreams Of Love.
The River is flowing, don't miss the swimming little Trout in front of you.
The Raindrop is falling, don't let the little puppy slipping through the floor.

hav fun~ :3
hmm 15 months


Good stuff, lots of very well known ones ^^

Also bleh, Andre Rieu.
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