Forced Listening Thread (Reativated)

Started by Howitzer, 2015 Apr 16, 19:10:33

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Reminder on the rules, objective, and idea of the thread.

Basically the idea is this: We post a song, any song, that we like. The following poster must listen to it, even if it is not a genre he/she likes and critique it. What did he/she like, what did he/she not like? You get the idea.

A few simple rules to follow:

1. No rick-rolls, trololo, stupidity, etc. The exception to this is if you actually want someone to truly critique the song. Otherwise, don't. It's not funny.

2. A song must be listened to, in full, before critiquing it. The only exception to this rule is if the song is fifteen or more minutes.

3. When you critique a song, actually critique it. No going, "I liked it," or, "I hated it." Give a reason.

4. This wasn't a rule in the last thread, but I thought of it a while ago: Post a Youtube link to the song (obviously), but also post the name and artist in your post. That way, if the video gets taken down, or isn't available in the next poster's country, they can look it up and listen to it.

5. Remember to follow the rules of the forum and not post anything incredibly vulgar or offensive. We have a large age range of users browsing the forums. If your song does contain any vulgar language, kindly point it out when posting the song.

With that, I'll get this thread started
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