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Started by daringfire, 2015 Apr 03, 21:47:56

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I am trying to get more in the community so I actually posted a topic... :s I love music sooo.... I am hooked on three songs at the moment. Right now I am still hooked on Medicine by daughter even though its 2015, Also Hide Sqag Heddy & Anna Yvette [Dupstep]... XD my last song is Caprisun by Maxx Bear GRMM remix.. What are the songs hooked on??
Daring fire, kawaii potatoes

Sunshine Smash

Every single boss theme from Metal Gear Rising, including Bladewolf's miniboss theme, Rainbow Factory, and Pegasus Device.

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Love me Cheerilee by woodentoaster and the living tombstone


Only Time - Enya

An ear worm song that's good. :)

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