Help! Know any good orchestrial music artists.

Started by Phoeberia, 2015 Mar 20, 18:32:26

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Im in the process of making a visual novel so I'd really like to get ahold of some good music if ya dont mind. im also looking for a good opening theme of sorts i just dunno what I wanna go for lol.


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I've got some you can use :P I've got loads of orchestral on my Youtube channel :P

This one's my latest to give you an idea of what I make (I also make dubstep of course)

I've got lots of more mellow stuff too and happy stuff if that suits it better here:

Just be sure to link to my channel homepage in the description of the video and in the credits and youre free to use it :P

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He's not an orchestral music creator all together, but SlyphStorm did make some orchestral pieces.

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You should check out Marcus Warner/Evening Star. He's done some very high quality pieces.


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I've been spotlighted by EquestriaDaily for my orchestral stuff, I've got slow, sad stuff, fast exciting stuff, majestic stuff, symphonic stuff, some bright jumpy stuff, all sorts of stuff. You're even free to use the music in my channel preview too, which is concert grand piano followed by some light EDM.

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Walt Ribeiro creates orchestral versions of songs. Some of them include Daft Punk or Rainbow Factory.

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Take a look at Project Destati, its a re-orchestration of the Kingdom Hearts OST
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