The servers are now closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Feb 22, 00:09:10

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Well I don't need to comment on bugs which is expected

That was really fun! gg~

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Well, I must say that was enjoyable. I've beta tested a few MMOs in the past, and they were nowhere near as FUN! I didn't get a chance to be on long, which is cool, since now I'm looking forward to the next OSWE.

For me, the best part was the fact that I was able to play on a MacBook Pro, and for that I thank you LoE team with all my  <3!!

Keep up the great work, please!


Quote from: Soobel on 2015 Feb 22, 05:17:32
Hmm i read about "Open server WEEKEND" and i tohght that Sunday contains too into weekend! I was on work and waiting, when shift end at Sunday morning and go home to play, but...  ono

Oh, that's unlucky  :c

But there's always next time!

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Too amazing & cool in many ways this opportunity to have played LoE, moreover, as it was my first time, it was very excited & happy, unlike others ponies who have been in many times in LoE, & the best part is that many experience I had in these two days, I record for to remember in how was my first time, but, do not to be selfish & probably for the next few weeks the videos will be ready for anypony, that if, the university & my complicated family let me do it.
If anything, I heard that here are a topic where each of us puts the LoE experiences, I would like to know the topic, & once the videos are completed, I will share my experiences with all of you ponies, & also I have pictures, just in case. Some ponyassistance on where is the topic?

Thanks for all LoE developers :D ,absolutely amazing, thanks to everypony that has worked in this game. I do not care much, but sometimes the glitches, servers kicked off, some ping & other errors that I had many times, got me some stress & anger, but at least I had the most important thing: apart from playing it, the recordings & screenshots.


it was my first Osw i was scared it contained virusses because i got a few earlier but it didnĀ“t thanks to all my friend who made me download this it was amazing i cant wait for the next one.
keep up the great work!!


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i never got a chance to play because of the download  ono 

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I had lots of fun i got done with three quests,Fought three dragons,danced on top of roof tops and in front of SCC in a circle.Maybe you could add Batponies,Crystal Ponies,and maybe more quests.
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I can't WAIT for the next OSW! ;v; And Even moreso, I cannot simply wait until the servers are up 24/7 for everypony to enjoy whenever they please!

There were quite a few glitches with the pony models' tails- but i'm not upset about it, It was more funny, actually!  X3

Can't wait to see you all next time!  :P

<3 <3
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Quote from: Ellowee on 2015 Feb 22, 00:09:10

This was fun   :P it was my first time ever playing to game There was a glitch and my pony got stuck in all white so i had to use my other ponies.... I meet alot of new people and had fun cant wait for the next sever test....  :D Hopefully it will get better!  X3
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This open server weekend was still worth the time after all the bugs and glitches.


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But the weekend is not over! It's Sunday!! I was going to play all day today!  DD:

Totally not fair. Guys.

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As always, I am ever grateful for the ability to be a part of such a wondrous experience. Unfortunately, there were not as many ponies on the servers when I played. And for me (and probably many of you), the  social component is half the fun. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my quick romping session  :]

I look forward to the next event, any new content, and the players who make this game amazing! And as always, thank you to the entire LoE team for creating one of my favorite places to be on the PonyNet.  ^-^
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Oh i can't play but my LoE have a problem, when i'm with another ponies i can't see the horn, wings and hair.  >A<

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I had a lot of fun! :D This was the best OSW i've experienced! It's also the only one. I had a lot of fun exploring the evershade, and hanging out in sugar cane corner with friends. A lot of people had trouble with the room servers, maybe teleporting to friends could fix the issues. Or being able to create parties, so that A group of friends will all be teleported to a room with room for all of them. Again, I had an amazing experience during my first OSW, and i soo can't wait for the next one!  lol


Darn it, I missed this entire open server weekend, I should have checked the LoE website regularly for updates... Oh well, hopefully we'll get another real soon.


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Sadly, it disconnected a lot during this OSW... But it was still nice!  ^-^

I thank everypony who was there, helping to further develop the game experience! It was indeed very fun!  ;)

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I had a lot of fun this round. Thanks for all of that. I hope the next open beta focuses on connectivity issues though.
Characters I used were:
Pumpernickel Swirl (One of my OCs)
Trixie Lulamoon
Roseluck (on the final night)

It was especially fun to RP as Trixie.


I was able to play this time at least.

It's just... skills weren't working and I couldn't teleport even though I chose unicorn.

So... there's that...

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shucks... I missed it again  :o , for the 4th+ time  >.< ! Please open it again soon, I really wanna play this ovO .


Yeah It was super awesome, this was my first time on the server. I got a lot of it on my youtube channel. I can't wait til next time. ^_^

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