The servers are now closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Feb 22, 00:09:10

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Hello everypony!

The Open Server Event has finished and the servers are now closed. Thanks everyone who played the game this weekend. We hope you all enjoyed your time in Equestria! We look forward to the next Open Server event where we hope to add even more content to the game! Please, feel free to send us your feedback on the game such as things that can be fixed or even suggestions for content to add at [email protected]. We really enjoy reading your suggestions to improve the game!

Until next time, see you later!


Ha, it was fun while it lasted. At least the aerial view wasn't as bad along with the chat glitch.
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This one was... annoying, glitchy, and fun. I applaud you LOE team for giving us yet another fun and working OSE. And I expect the same next OSE/OSW. Thank you all!!  ^-^

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Had a lot of fun!

I took a lot of screenshots of individual ponies this time, so I probably got a lot of you  ^-^
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Thanks for coming, everypony. The game's only as fun as the ponies playing it.

Be there next time.  :D
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I had a great time on the servers! I finally got to play for more than a day this time. I got a lot of screenshots of what was referred to as the "Wub Tub"

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Thank you so much LoE team I had so much fun and so did everypony ^-^
I'm sad that its over  ono but I can't wait to start sharing all the pictures I took! ;)


Thank you for opening the server. It was a great experience for my first time!  :D Can't wait for the next open server weekend!


It was actually more fun this time, after completing 4 quests in a 2.5-Day-Period. With the extra two days going fast, I give my newly rating of "C".

:l Yes, the cameras are still problematic, as well as the excessive connection timeouts in which, not careful, can spawn an empty shell of your former self. :I


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This was by far my worst OSW experience, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still awesome! I'd recommend ditching the room-server idea untill we get enough players to even constitute it (ive only ever seen about 100 max on each room, and moving to a new area and losing friends is NOT FUN). I'd also recommend working on the problems present rather than creating more and more areas. I'd rather not walk through houses in Ponydale or get stuck talking to an NPC. Keep up the work LoE team!

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Quote from: djtekno11 on 2015 Feb 22, 00:50:34
I'd recommend ditching the room-server idea untill we get enough players to even constitute it (ive only ever seen about 100 max on each room, and moving to a new area and losing friends is NOT FUN).

That's what i kept saying since last oswe. Splitting the necessary multiple server further into instances, or rooms as you call them, is a terrible, terrible idea.
loosing track of friends...
random instance closing including a 10% chance of aerial view bug....


could translate sections for several languages the game (it's only an idea of adding nothing more)
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it was my first event and i had so much fun.. :D


It was fun, even though I got to play like 30 minutes, but, well, I got stuck in Crystal Empire. I couldn't travel. Hope you fix this glitch soon!  ^-^ :D <3
Still, the OSW seemed... less fun than all the other OSW's I have played. It seemed... empty. I mean, same maps, all quests complete, etc... then you get bored. I suggest you to add different things, because when you finish all the MMO things you get bored.  ;) Hope to see you in another OSW!

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Hmm i read about "Open server WEEKEND" and i tohght that Sunday contains too into weekend! I was on work and waiting, when shift end at Sunday morning and go home to play, but...  ono
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I enjoyed playing it, as it was my first time, but there is quite a few glicthes in the game, like sometimes I cant talk to NPC
But I pretty much excited when the servers were going to open tho  ^-^ till next time the servers open again, I'll be waiting :P


That was... The most wonderful and powerful OSW for me!! ^_^ I thought nothing could top my first OSW ever, in August last year... But friday and yesterday nights were... wow... I'm still speechless. Well, my first OSW will forever remain special to me because it was my first and it was the first time I got to feel that my "true form" was actually a pony, along meeting fellow brothers and sisters in Equestria for the first time... Nothing could top that in a way, but still, yesterday night was the first time I cried out of the sweet and caring feelings we had for each other... I couldn't be more grateful to my friends, new ones and old ones, for what they showed me. And also to everypony, who is my friend too! :D And of course, to the LoE team, for making all of that possible!! Thank you all SO much!!

See you all in Equestria next time as well! I will be eagerly awaiting the next OSW!

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