February's OSE Client now available to download!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Feb 19, 21:02:55

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2015 Feb 20, 01:36:07 #60 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 20, 10:53:49 by nicklaich
You guys can try that (if you trust me of course)


added all 4 variants

edit: patches:



If someone could upload a x86 version I'd greatly appreciate it.  ^-^


2015 Feb 20, 02:13:33 #62 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 20, 02:17:54 by shotgiy12
So I has this bug on my game it says user already playing while I was only playing it could someone plz help with even an admin cause this looks bad  DD:

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it looks bad...


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Night Breeze

After applying the skill patch i see a blank background where the pony selection should be. :I

Ember Shard

Ditto on Night Breeze. Tried twice with a fresh install and no change.

Rainbow Twist

2015 Feb 20, 02:53:58 #66 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 20, 02:56:53 by Rainbow Twist
Patch hotfix results in this crash


Wiping the local data under the user account to delete any chance of a saved data/settings mismatch doesn't resolve the problem.

In fact when the game start (which it does) the frame rate is reduced to basically 0fps..... with about a second or 2 lag on button clicks...

Restoring the previous non-hotfixed version resolves the problem.

I should probably add that the crash occurs the moment a sever is selected...

Still this doesn't explain why the sudden slideshow effect occurs.


I'm also having problems as soon as I patched up. Stalling on the pony creator screen. Main menu was choppy and Norton didn't like the files at first.

Corpulent Brony

I'm having the exact same problem with the patch everyone else is having.  The pony character load screen never loads.


I overwrote the managed folder on my linux client and now character select doesn't show up, so I deleted the game and re-unpacked the unpatched game files.

Night Breeze

I've tried win32 client with either the 32 and the 64 patch neither worked
The win64 client with 64patch works


The patch causes the game to lag so much, I'm unable to use it.

I guess I'm going to have to go this one patchless, because I can't figure out how to even play the game with it.


2015 Feb 20, 03:51:33 #72 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 20, 04:02:53 by dustyb216
Anyone here get this problem? It happen to Unicorn and Pegasus. Now every Unicorn and Pegasus on my screen have no tail, no mane and no wings but they can still fly and teleport. And I can't talk to NPC or rolate the camera neither!


Quote from: dustyb216 on 2015 Feb 20, 03:51:33
Anyone here get this problem? It happen to Unicorn and Pegasus. Now every Unicorn and Pegasus on my screen have no tail, no mane and no wings but they can still fly and teleport.

hahaha hilarious  lol


I'm glad that was a horn. Even though it's still bad that it broke off. o.o

Aylayla Thornberry

Time to get this started, downloading now~. I'm gonna have to go patchless, I don't have a choice, since Mac OSX doesn't have the patch yet.


Aylayla Thornberry

Uhh, I just downloaded from MEGA, and now the file says "Failed, no file", Help?.


2015 Feb 20, 05:09:15 #78 Last Edit: 2015 Feb 20, 05:16:01 by shotgiy12
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE I can't download the patchs for skills for the 32 bit version can someone explain this  >:/

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ok so I got the patch but it has a giant lag spike after putting in and making it unable to play  o.O so..


I am going insane  ovO
Mac version won't even work for me yet. Or at least for me. Gives errors. I will try in a bit.

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