Open Server Weekend Update

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jan 24, 14:48:31

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Addendum, the Mac client has crashed in this manner the last 3 times. I can't play if the server thinks I'm already playing. :(


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So they have the Crystal Castle? o.O

Where or how do I get there?


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Do you think you can get the game working by 2morrow?  I have been waiting for the past week to be able to play for the first time but I only got in 3 times and each time I was messing with the movement settings to get myself situated before the game either a: crashed or b: ran out of connection time or something.  :c

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I agree! *clapclapclap* you (the people working to fix this) are all amazing people. Thank you for working to fix this!
Oof it's been too long


Quote from: Leo Rave on 2015 Jan 24, 19:07:41
Vinyl's got a point, y'know.  :nod:
In some way, shape, or stretch of the imagination, we're all in this together.  o.O
Struggling, pushing, and whining contemplating about a game we're all genuinely excited about.  :]
I ain't gonna give up now if y'all ain't!  >:O Give it your all!

i just Feel Bad for the Whole LOE team :c getting yelled at for no reasson. if only i knew how to do that kind of stuff i would so go help right now  <3


I'm really happy it's starting to work better than the last week the server opened. It's really fun but try to fix some bugs. There is a slight bug that where you go to Canterlot (Cantermore) it just loads for a long time and then I can't go into my "pony view" so please fix that ^-^
It's mostly true X3 But I'm not brave :l                        


I'd also like to officially request an extension on how long the servers are open.
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Well, if there was ever a screen to get stuck in, I'm glad it was Cantermore's. Hirosashii's tunes are so calming~   :')
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It's good to know why the game stayed on the aerial view, but some notification that you're in a waiting list would've probably saved some frustration on both ends.

Still, I only had so much time I could set aside to play today so waiting wasn't really an option for me. Hopefully I can get some time tomorrow, but if not this weekend will be a big bummer for me.  :c

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Quote from: Dawnstar on 2015 Jan 24, 19:34:10
It's good to know why the game stayed on the aerial view, but some notification that you're in a waiting list would've probably saved some frustration on both ends.

I second!  ;)


i've been dying to get it and it still hasn't worked for me  :c
every time i login it says after:
Server Listing

any reason why?? thanks  0:)

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Waiting list? But what's that for exactly? Not blaming anyone for the trouble we're all going through, but what exactly is the waiting list doing? Some games have a waiting list if the server is full, but here, if the server is full, it tells us before we connect.

Is it possible that people get in anyways despite that it's full?
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Does anybody else think that the aerial view might actually be the game? lol


I would see if I can log in to play if there was a server list.

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Quote from: Ellowee on 2015 Jan 24, 14:48:31
Hello everyone! We wanted to give you all a quick update on the situation with our servers.

The attack subsided early this morning and we were able to restore our servers to working order. The servers are still receiving a higher than normal load; because of this, you might receive errors attempting to connect to the servers. Please note that we are gathering data on the issue, and if you aren't able to connect now, please try attempting to connect in a little while.

If you find yourself stuck in a huge aerial view of the landscape after loading the game, this means you are currently in the waitlist. You will spawn in the area once an opening appears in the game.

Thanks for testing out our game! We hope you enjoy the Open Server Weekend!
i think we need more servers :I


Quote from: Prince Nightblade on 2015 Jan 24, 20:33:21
i think we need more servers :I

We have servers? I didn't see ANY in a list when I logged in.


this wait is taking a while, i just hope i get more time on than last open server weekend where i only was able to get on for a few hours because of work.

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Quote from: MagicTricks on 2015 Jan 24, 20:39:51
We have servers? I didn't see ANY in a list when I logged in.
there are three but we need at least five

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I think I'm on the wait list and I don't really care I mean I have other things to do while I wait


Seriously if the OSW isn't extended for this I think I'm gonna murder a kitten. I've been waiting ALL WEEK TO PLAY and now I can't cause Canterlot is broken? :l

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