Winter Open Server Test Announcement! January 24th-26th!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Jan 02, 23:49:38

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I didn't realize you could move the banner with your mouse, until the servers closed.


I found a weird glitch, spawning out of the map after being knocked out by a Dryad. This happened when I was in Zecora's home in Ever shade Forest & visit the Poison Jokes.

Decided to bug the Dryads nearby, & next thing I'm knocked out & respawn outside the map & drop.

It was free falling the way it tucked its legs in. Then it became weirder, my character began to disassemble.

Wind pressure breaking apart my character? Anyways, this was a simple solution by typing "/stuck" in the dialog box. Had to do it a couple of time but eventually I got out. My character was saved.

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