Servers (Were) Temporarily Open! UPDATE - SERVERS CLOSED

Started by Ellowee, 2014 Dec 14, 13:06:53

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Yes as stated above the servers are now closed.  Thank you everyone for helping us test them!


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I managed to get on for about the last, oh, seven minutes. XD

It did seem like it ran pretty smoothly.  Better than the last time I played. ^_^  I also like how it actually kept my pony from my last play.  (Whoo!)

Does anyone know where to mention little errors and such that don't effect gameplay?  I've noticed a couple things that don't seem ticket-worthy.

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Thank you so very, very much for letting us play for at least a few hours.  You folks are the best.  Thank you.  ;)


Thank you, even though I had a bit of spike lag at the point that the game would stop responding for several minutes whenever I was in Ponydale forcing me to stay in Cloudopolis.
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Thanks to the development team for opening the servers, even if it was only for a few hours! It was fun to reconnect with my LoE friends and run around a bit.


I was only around for an hour or so but it was fun ^-^

Plus I actually got to do stuff regarding the stress test other than the normal wander aimlessly and dance in SCC lol
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I think this Network Architecture Test went perfectly, i experienced no lag at all and never timed out.

Although there were many bugs to be seen in game but looking at the server side, i think it went smoothly without a hitch.

Good show chaps. Jolly good show.

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Is there any way to get to know, when the servers open up?
I missed it again. :'(
I really wanted to play, but with all the windows 10 testing, I forgot to look by... (\s/)

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